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06 May 2012 16:50 - 06 May 2012 16:51 #29539 by talonz
Weenie monodiscipline. *yawn*

But that wasnt in your poll, so I voted imbued, which I hate in any game.
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07 May 2012 12:46 #29591 by Klaital

The question is "what decktype do you hate". Not "which decktype do you find most annoying when it's played or built poorly".

I think it's pretty evident that decks that sit like lumps, gain pool and do nothing are annoying. That's not an archtype tho. The Girls... archtype does, contrary to popular believe by those who didn't extensively play it *not* only gain pool. Yes, you can build it like that and then you'd have a bad deck, similar to how you can pilot a totally retarded Beast rush deck with 70 red cards.

Don't confuse "I hate that deck" with "I hate it when people play stupid decks" or "I hate that awful player unless he's my predator/prey".

That said, I voted Imbued for the same reason I voted Direct Intervention - they disrupt the game.

Their mechanics are different, they don't interact well with actual vampire cards and you either can't do anything to them or you completely roll them over.

Hey I got a Beast rush deck with 70ish red cards that regularly wins games!

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07 May 2012 13:27 #29604 by ReverendRevolver
i think the results here are telling us different things... nominally people hate the imbued, which don't work very well at tables, with vampires, or with many cards because they work against it. then everyones else hates something they probably just don't prepare for. what does combat hose? ok, don't play it if you don't have a way around combat. deflection, govern, mindrape.. all awesome. don't want to deal with them? resilient mind, touch of clarity, perfect clarity.... or, i dunno, bleed responisbly and block actions. i con't like strike combat ends, but i play psyche, grapple, blessing of chaos, telepathic tracking and rotschreck. i hate stealthbleed because when i'm prepared for it i never see it and when i play that one in 10 decks i own that doesn't run bounce, its at every table. decks are built to win and keep from losing, and while i have my preferences (i hate playing any s:ce other than earth meld) i deal with everything accordingly, or ignore it, when building a deck. sometimes you just get metagamed. i see that imbued are the logical thing to hate, though. and before i knew any rules about them, i blood to water-ed one with petaniqua and then asked "what does that do to imbued " :laugh: but yea, reasons why people hate certain things are what i'm interested in seeing after seeing this pole. and imbued-dislikers don't need to explain.... we all already know whats wrong with them, and noone really enjoys seeing them at a table.

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08 May 2012 00:37 #29641 by rehlow
Didn't vote because none of them describe Ventrue Antitribu without also applying to a bunch of decks I don't mind.

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