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28 May 2014 18:26 - 28 May 2014 18:26 #62836 by jamesatzephyr

I keep wanting to design a Fortitude card called BASE Jumping. The artwork could be a vampire crawling out of a vampire-shaped crater.

or coyote-shaped ?

Base Jumping
Action Modifier
[for] Play when a minion controlled by your prey attempts to block this acting vampire. The action ends, and this acting vampire takes 4 damage. Put this card on the minion who was attempting to block. Each time this minion announces a bleed action, his controller may say "Beep beep" (once) to give him +1 stealth for the duration of the action, even if stealth is not needed.
[FOR] As above, but this acting vampire takes 6 damage (not 4).
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