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28 Feb 2016 21:11 #75578 by Ashur

Smoothing out VTES cleaning up rules and quirks should be an ongoing process if it gets back to print and is a safer bet than ditching 1.0 for 2.0.
However creating a VTES 2.0 (or lite if you will) can also happen alongside, I see no reason why one should exclude the other.

This is also my opinion. Creating a new, improved card game based on Vtes, or some kind of "overhaul" of the old game, is a very large project, and I think it´s best to first revive the old game.

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29 Feb 2016 21:30 #75592 by 1muflon1
While I see some of the points of those who want new game, that would be quicker etc., I think that this would kill the game.

If V:TES would be relaunched with completely watered down mechanics, I would not play it. In fact that's why I don't play magic or other CCG or LCG, because I personally like the complexity of vampire. Nov admittedly the major weakness of vtes is that one game takes about 2-3h, but I cant see how this could be reduced to the average playing time comparable with magic the gathering without getting rid of most of the game's complexity, and that would, in fact, ruin the game for me personally. I love the world of darkness lore, but really whats the point of having WOD reskin of MtG or similar fast paced card games? I am all for tweaking the rules, maybe increasing the number of transfers or putting out vampires at half capacity etc., but for these you dont need new game.

There is in fact great analogue with paradox PC games. CK 2, victoria, Europa universalis etc. All these games are complex, take lot of time and effort to learn, and are not for casual players. Admittedly all of these games have small player base, but I would not wanna live in world with only CS and call of duty or dota etc.

Sure V:TES will never have such player base as MtG, same way as Beethoven will never have so many listeners as Justin Beiber. And so what? There is place for both on the market, in my opinion.

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29 Feb 2016 21:40 #75593 by Lönkka
I want to remind people that Floppy/Rules Team has been going through the cards and rewording them so they are more clear and homogenous. That alone will help make the game a plenty more streamlined. So when the gets back in print these are ready to replace the current and inconsistent wordings.

Considering the number of cards they've needed to go through and reword carefully to make them more clear, I thing they did such a giganormous chore that few poeple even start to comprehend...

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01 Mar 2016 12:52 #75607 by Brum
I would do the following:

First a big set like Jyhad or Third Edition with old cards, new cards. I would use the opportunity to streamline the rules (like dropping Triffle, Events, Priscus, etc..)
Start the game anew like in 1994, but allowing for your old Lost in Crowds or Governs to still work.
7 clans with X preconstructed decks (depending on marketing). Some Antitribu vampires in boosters (or LCG packs, or print on demand).

Then continue from there with expansions, being careful on keeping the rules streamlined and the power curve steady.

Organised play would have two formats:
-Legendary:old cards and new cards legal.
-Standard: only new cards (and their old copies) are legal.

From a certain point on, the main format should be Standard to boost sales.
As time goes by more cards from Legendary will be legal in Standard, while some never will, due to rules, balance and marketing (I'm looking at you Imbued).
And they can re-introduce certain concepts like Priscus, on the correct thematic expansions.

By choosing a limited set of cards, rewriting card texts and tweaking the main rules, I believe we can solve most of the issues with VtES.
And for 1 or 2 years we would still have 100% of the old flavor for the old players, with added toys.
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