file Can I cycle a Target Vitals Aim card when using a S:CE?

09 Nov 2020 23:16 - 09 Nov 2020 23:16 #101084 by narpassword
I understand that i cannot _add_ damage to a non-damaging strike. But can i cycle out a Target Vitals when i strike Combat ends with Serpents Numbing Kiss?
20:59 Narpas discards Target Vitals
21:00 Narpas discards Serpent's Numbing Kiss
21:00 Narpas draws from library
21:00 Narpas SNK at sup - i havent drawn up the TV because unsure if i can cycle it on a sce - any idea?
21:00 Narpas removes 1 blood from Nakhthorheb, now 1
21:00 Cooper i dont think you can
21:01 Cooper but i wouldnt mind cycling those 2 combat cards
21:01 Cooper so your choice
21:01 Narpas im struggling to find why i cant though
21:01 Cooper lol
21:01 Narpas you can play it with catatonic fear at least haha
21:01 Cooper normally you cant deal EXTRA damage on a strike that does no damage
21:02 Narpas Target Head
21:02 Narpas that once specifially adds
21:02 Narpas vitals says 'if this does any'
21:02 Cooper true
21:02 Cooper maybe you are right
21:02 Narpas its a curly one
21:02 Cooper gottarun
21:02 Narpas sweet - ill google some rules

It's a JOL game so eh, no rush heh. Couldnt find anything googling - all questions seem to be asking about Catatonic fear. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

Name: Target Vitals
Cardtype: Combat
Aim. Only usable as this minion chooses a strike. A minion can play only one aim each strike.
If any damage from this strike is successfully inflicted on the opposing minion, they take +2 damage from this strike, and they cannot press this round. They can discard two combat cards to cancel this card as it is played.

Name: Serpent's Numbing Kiss
Cardtype: Combat
Discipline: Presence & Serpentis
Strike: combat ends.
As above, and if the range is close, this vampire burns 1 blood to put this card on the opposing minion and lock him or her. The attached minion does not unlock as normal. Burn this card during his or her unlock phase.
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10 Nov 2020 07:19 #101087 by Yomyael
In the following post (initially about Catatonic Fear ;) ) Pascal made a side note about Dodge and Majesty. So in principle: you can play T:V on any strike.

Target Vitals can be played on Catatonic Fear's strike. Target Vitals can be played on Loving Agony's strike. Also note that Target Vitals could also be played on Dodge or Majesty.

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10 Nov 2020 23:03 #101092 by narpassword
Ah! wonderful thank you.

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