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I just got a group of my friends into playing VTES. In our first couple of games, some situations arose that we didn't know how they were supposed to work. I'm hoping someone more knowledgeable than I can help out here.

The questions:

1. If a card effect (e.g. Govern the Unaligned, Enchant Kindred, etc.) results in a vampire's capacity being filled in the crypt outside of the influence phase can you bring the vampire into play?

Name: Govern the Unaligned
Cardtype: Action
Cost: 1 blood
Discipline: Dominate
[dom] (D) Bleed with +2 bleed.
[DOM] +1 stealth action. Add 3 blood to a younger vampire in your uncontrolled region.

Name: Enchant Kindred
Cardtype: Action
Discipline: Presence
[pres] (D) Bleed with +1 bleed.
[PRES ] +1 stealth action. Add 2 blood to a younger vampire in your uncontrolled region.

2. The card Slam (card text found below.) If you are using slam at superior and you want to use the maneuver, do you play it in the determine range step of combat and then subsequently in the choose strike step you get the strike? Or is allowed to play the slam in the choose strikes step of combat and get the maneuver during the choose strikes step.

Name: Slam
Cardtype: Combat
Cost: 1 blood
Discipline: Potence
[pot] Strike: hand strike at +2 damage.
[POT] As above, with 1 optional maneuver, only usable to get to close range.

3. Regarding the rule that restricts a minion from performing the same action more than once in a turn. How does this rule interact with the default rules provided in the rulebook? For example, can a vampire use the regular bleed action, unlock somehow (e.g. Freak Drive), and then subsequently use the regular bleed action again?

Name: Freak Drive
Cardtype: Action Modifier
Cost: 1 blood
Discipline: Fortitude
Only usable after action resolution.
[for] Only usable if the action was successful. Unlock this vampire.
[FOR] Only usable if the action was blocked. Unlock this vampire.

4. In the same vein as question 3, does playing an action card which generates a bleed prevent a vampire from taking the regular bleed action later in the same turn? For example, vampire plays Govern the Unaligned at inferior to bleed with +2 bleed, Freak Drive after the action, then do a normal bleed? The card text for these cards are seen above.
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07 Mar 2022 19:46 #104763 by Yomyael
Replied by Yomyael on topic Various rules questions
1.: No, vampires are moved into the ready region in the influence phase (if you want to, you don't have to). To do it in another phase you need explicit card text (for example on Thicker than Blood).

2.: If you want to use the maneuver provided on a strike card, you play the strike card during the Determine range step. You are then forced to use that strike as your initial strike, or can't use a strike at all if something prevents you from using that specific strike.

3.: A vampire may not perform the action provided by a card in play or by an action card more than once each turn. For action cards, this goes by name, so if an action card like Govern has two possible actions, you still are only allowed one Govern per turn per vampire. Default actions provided by the rulebook are in general unrestricted, with the exception that you may perform only one Bleed and only one Political Action per turn per vampire. So you may hunt repeatedly, but not bleed. This is mentioned in the section explaining Bleeds and Political Actions in the rulebook.

4.: explained above, you may bleed only once per turn per minion, no matter if using the default one or different action cards.

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08 Mar 2022 10:00 #104767 by lip
Replied by lip on topic Various rules questions
  1. See Influence phase :

    At any time during this phase, if a vampire has at least as many blood counters as their capacity, the Methuselah can move that vampire face up to the ready region, unlocked.

    Outside of this phase, moving an uncontrolled vampire to the ready region requires explicit card text.
  2. See Determine range :

    To use a maneuver from a strike card, the minion plays the strike card during this step instead of during the choose strike step.

  3. See Bleed :

    A minion cannot perform more than one bleed action each turn, even if they unlock.

  4. See above.

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