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It's not entirely true as a Ghoul Retainer (retainer, environmental) or a Carrion Crows (environmental) would also inflict increased damage, but they can't be target of a frenzy card.
Thirdly, the above is just plain wrong, none of the mentioned cards are +damage effects, but damaging effects in their own right, and not relevant to the question at hand.

Just about this part : CC and Ghoul Retainer are not + damage effect but their inherent damage are boosted by Dam the heart.

So if we state that the frenzy is played on the vampire playing it, how could it affect the damages done by these cards ? It couldn't. And so we have an impossibility.

It is what is called in logic a proof by contradiction if we have 2 hypothesis one of them being the opposite of the other and we can prove that 1 hypothesis lead to a contradiction, then, the other is necessarily true :

here we have :
hypothesis 1 : the vampire A playing the card against vampire B is the target of the frenzy.
Let's look at the case of vamp A playing dam the heart and carrion crow and then dodging (and for the over achiever that some of you know I am let's imagine that he have an Ex Nihilo on him).
This scenario lead to vampire A dealing no damage whatsoever and yet, the additional damages from the dam the heart still kick in (per card text).
So we have a contradiction.
So vamp A can't be the target of the frenzy.
So no other minion being around, the opposing must be the target.
the damage from

I misunderstood the point Ankha was making ("would also inflict increased damage")... he meant that the damage from the mentioned cards is also subject to have their damage boosted by DtHR.

Sorry Ankha for my miss.

I see your point and it makes sense, the wording of the card is what is bad as it lends itself to mean both depending on the scenario.... if only a strike is made one shouldn´t need to think of scenarios where the source of the damage could be from other than the minion.

The below would remove the ambiguity by making the target explicit.

Dam the Heart's River

Frenzy. Only usable before range is determined. A vampire can play only one Dam the Heart's River on the opposing minion each combat.

:qui: This combat, each strike or damaging effect made against the opposing minion inflicts +1 damage on the minion.

:QUI: As above, and this combat, strikes cost the opposing minion 1 additional blood or life, and they can choose not to strike.

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