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17 Apr 2023 00:48 #107852 by Bloodartist

As Rötschreck is only played after a succesful attemp is at play (meaning the aggravated damage can reach the opposing vampire, without accounting for prevent, no short range strikes to long etc.) per the rules of cancelling strike cards in combat, the striking vampire chooses another strike. Unless the source of aggravated damage says "... can play only one x each y..." they can even play another copy of same card. Or choose in your case the body arsenal.

I think its simpler to say that Rötschreck is played after strikes have been chosen (but not resolved, thus prevention doesn't matter) and at least one of the strikes threatens aggravated damage.

In such a case where strike is canceled, a new strike can usually be chosen.
If a card that turns the strike aggravated such as claws of the dead is canceled, a new claws of the dead can be played before strikes resolve; and rötschreck can be played once both players have chosen their strikes.

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