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Still it is no clear what takes precedense. What exactly means "when it is played" ? It means that i Play blank card and if nobody reacts then text of the card becomes visible ? OR the efect is already there but another vampire can make it blank with playing for. e.g. Iron Heart ?

From the rulebook:

Playing a Card

A card is played by announcing its effects, showing the card and placing it from the hand in the ash heap. Sometimes a card will state to put it into play, you should announce its effects and place the card in the play area.


Some effects can cancel a card “as it is played.” These effects, as well as wake effects, are the only effects allowed during the “as played” time period of another card. Even drawing to replace cards, comes after this time period.

Acting player plays unleash. The whole card is played (for me that means also the effect). No still in the phase !as it is played" you can play reaction cards that does not go opposite of the wording of the card.

So you play the card, but it can be cancelled before it resolves in the "as it is played" window.
If it isn't cancelled, then you resolve it.
However, as stated by the rulebook, one can play wake cards in that window, before Unleashing the Bestial Soul resolves. And since the wake effects lasts the whole action, that minion will still be under it's effect once the UtBS has resolved.

Rules says that "card text takes precedence to the rules". So the card text saying that the target vampire can not play reaction cards should be in effect.

Sure, once it has resolved, it will prevent further reaction cards from being played.

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