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23 Aug 2012 06:12 #35268 by Millstone
Hi all,

I've decided to put all my cards into ARDb --> will help me build and keep track of what I have.

Question: how can I add cards from one expansion (tenth anniversary boxes for instance)and also add my Jyhad cards?
I've seen that I can select the different expansions, but can I add them 'seperatly' and make them all show uo in the inventory?

For instance: I selected 10th, and Hasina Kesi shows up. I add 1 to her total (0 till then).
After selecting and 'upping' all the cards from tenth, I selext 'jyhad' only cards, and go to the crypt. Here, I find the total of Hasina being 1... but I added a 10th anniversery card, not a jyhad one..!
I know the card is in both expansions (I have them in front of me), but is there a way to select/seperate the jyhad cards from the rest, so that it doesnt add them all up?

I just hope I can make myself clear, I'm not a native english speaker.

Any help will be appreciated! :)

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23 Aug 2012 11:35 #35284 by drstrange26
I have identified this difference in the inventory function.
There is no set distinction by default when you hit the Inventory function.
This was changed in the beta version I WAS working on.
I still have a copy of it and would be willing to pass it on to you with the only cost of a PM and an email address.

Dr. Strange
That guy who tinkers with ARDB

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