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08 Dec 2014 23:09 #68022 by ReverendRevolver

why was Edge Explosion banned?

When Edge Explosion (and Memories of Mortality and Protect Thine Own) were banned in the Rules Team Rulings of December 3, 2007, then Rules Coordinator L. Scott Johnson did not provide a reason.

When I asked, he never provided a reason for printing it either.......

According to playtesters i asked, it never existed in its final form in tests, and they said the nerfed one was too much.

PtO is too much of a "play me or be outgunned every game" card with IC, and MoM is actually only a problem with imbued, as it seems to have been a way to have fun with Garou decks before imbued.

If Mom was non-imbued or unique, it wouldnt be unbalanced.

Edge Explosion exponentially magnifies each broken faucet of imbued to stupid levels. Imbued cheese doesnt need that boost. If i submitted an event that gave all malkavians +1 stealth and +1 bleed, it would obviously be f#@%ing rediculous. Imbued havr more moving parts, but graveyard and deck access and the recursion of conviction they inherently have is strong, beyond being definable as just "good synergy". Add edge explosion, which is a freaking event so nigh-uncounterable, and shit gets real fun for imbued, and people playing vtes at that table think about offing themselves to get out of playing with that rubbish.

Then MoM made them unblockable too, so it was just all kinds of un-fun situations.....

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