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15 Mar 2015 14:58 #69864 by Ankha
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I just wanted to note that UTF-8 is broken less because of a problem with the code. It is a problem with the version of SQLite that is being used. ARDB needs a major overhaul on the DB storage side.

I also wanted to note that ARDB may disappear from Google Code.
I am not really active with the code anymore. Its been almost 3 years since I even compiled it. I have the ARDB 3.1.2beta code and I am willing to turn it over to anyone who asks. I have it set up in an IDE called Code::Blocks and I am able to compile and make changes pretty readily because I still have my laptop that I worked on 3 years ago. I am willing to help anyone who is wishing to modify and ad features to the code.

I'd like to give a try, though I haven't written a single C++ line since a long time (I'm working almost exclusively in C#).
Is there any problem in hosting the project on GitHub for instance?

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10 Apr 2015 04:14 #70449 by mjvtes521
Anybody know when Jussi will add the storyline reward cards to secret library? Not so many cards to add. Would help a lot for deck building. Thanks!
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