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I am a long time lurker and recently awoken Methuselah from Finland. I've also revived some of my old rivalries and we've been playing with the Sabbat precons from Black Chantry. I wrote this post to get ideas and help for cube building. I think I've seen Lönkka done some drafting in Ropecon and believe that I also saw some other person's cube here on forums.

I'd appreciate general directions, tools and ideas, sample cubes and some such. Something to begin my foray.

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10 Dec 2019 16:11 #98203 by Lönkka
Replied by Lönkka on topic VTES Cube & draft
There are none.

Basically use what you have.

Do a bit of math to see how many cards and how many copies you'll be needing for the cube.

And forget about the effin' rarity!
Either make artificial rarity of your preference (perhaps based on what you have?) or just have 1 rarity.

You can also get into thematic games by deliberately choosing certain cards.

Perhaps the best (theme but general draft experience too due to abundance of draft effects on cards) is Sabbat. with 3rd Edition and Sword of Caine. Plus some Black Hand thrown in too (no draft effect of BH though, IIRC).

Also, if possible, try to use as new cards as you can. IIRC, starting from 3rd edition the font in larger and background is a bit lighter so it'll be easier to read the darn cards.

Ah, at Ropecon I noticed that it probably would be a great idea to purchase a big pile of smallish envelopes to be used as booster wrappings.

Beyond this there might be some advice on the subject hidden in my postings about the Ropecon's draft (here and in FB) as I did explain some of basic concept on what/how I chose to go in to the cube.

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10 Dec 2019 19:07 #98209 by Saukkosaurus
Replied by Saukkosaurus on topic VTES Cube & draft

Thank you for your swift reply and suggestions. I actually did manage to find some of your old posts as well as a skeleton or a sample of a VTES cube buried in these forums. I look forward into taking a better look at that.

When it comes to deck and cube building my collection is, fortunately, decent. I stopped playing right after the release of 3rd Edition, so newer cards are somewhat of an issue. However, I have ordered every Black Chantry bundle via. DriveThruGames as well as buying all those more recent releases just to support Black Chantry's efforts. I think I'll begin with going through suitable vampires.

As a closing, kiukulla mennään! It does sound quite like something that an old estranged friend of mine, also an avid VTES player, would say.


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