25 Jan 2020 02:35 #98740 by blackkn8
Hello, it's me again. I will publish now, my last work.

And I hope that will help you all over the world and you will like it.

I will offer you an offline event and participation management system. ( )

For example, the German Grand Prix is using it. (check it out :-D )

And my plan for this tool is, that a lot of people will use this page, too.

So the people must only register once and can join any event that will be published. And the event manager gets all the information he needs. (Like Name, VEKN, City and so on. No Problems with the name spelling and wrong VEKNs. (Because all of the information will be submitted from the user himself. And he can edit them at any time!)

My page can handle many events at the same time. It is multilingual. (But I need support for some languages because google and deeple are not a native speaker.) ^^

This system is free to use, with no fees or adds. And in my opinion, it brings a lot of benefits to event-manager and the registered users. AND this is not a competition for the vekn website! This page will only help event managers how they can manage a participation list! The events must also be added firstly at the vekn page!

If you are interested, I would like to introduce it. (At this time no payment module is included, but if enough people will use it, I will try my best to add one.)

A short overview of the benefits:
  • Bring all events to one overview (similar to vekn page)
  • European GDPR ready!
  • Adapted to the needs of VTES events
  • The site is multilingual at this time we support: (maybe not full. But most of the information should be ready to translate)
    --- Spanish
  • If you registered once you can join any event who is shown.
  • If you are registered once you can create directly your event
  • For all added events the event manager can see directly who participates

    The event manager can invite all registered users with a personal invitation AND an online ticket with an authentication code or QR code.

    The Event Manager can set the registered user as paid

    It is possible to export all registered users to a CSV file to copy all pieces of information to an archon file... (important benefit of all!)

    ----and other data

  • At the registration Desk the online ticket can be scanned by any QR code readers and verify the registered user directly.
  • Add volunteers
  • And many others

But like so often, this tool needs you, it will only work if someone will use it. And so it is up to you. I hope I was right, and many of you are looking for a tool like this and my time was not wasted...

If you will have any feedback for me, please send me a email and I hope I can help you.

Thank you for reading this and have a great weekend.

Prince of Wiesbaden, Germany
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24 Apr 2020 13:22 #99690 by thelonius reloaded
Hi, I am trying to have the role of primogen to create events for italian community. Can you help me? Same nickname here thank you

Lurking in the underground of Bologna, Italy
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25 Apr 2020 23:38 #99701 by blackkn8
I promote your account.

Now you are able to create your own events.
If you need further support please contact me () or take a look to my video stream.

Many thanks

Prince of Wiesbaden, Germany
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The following user(s) said Thank You: thelonius reloaded

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