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Hurting everyone and coping better is preferred to the other, imo, since it leads to timeoits less.

that is true, and what I would recommend for most players.

just for me, my usual deck style is to delay the game a little so I can get my core minions set up. once I'm ready, I go 100% aggressive. I don't get discouraged if someone has a lot of pool, I know I can eventually work through it.

maybe it's something I learned from playing DOTA, supports vs carries and what's known as "timing windows". supports are very strong in the early game, but fall off in power, so they need to disrupt everyone else as soon as possible while they're still relevant. carries are weak early game, so they'd rather play defensively until they get enough gold to reach their true potential.

it's surely something that can help in VTES, identifying which decks have which kind of tempo. everyone becomes a threat if given enough space and time, but some decks become more dangerous than others.
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21 Apr 2014 11:25 - 21 Apr 2014 11:28 #61349 by ReverendRevolver
Tempo is less readable in vtez than mtg, but still quite important, and because its harder to gage, we think on it less.

Your average super strong malk 94 deck with new toys like command of the beasr can reliably bleed for 6, 7, or 8 with leverage, but since govern and conditioning coat a blood, they cant do it forever. This is especially true for certain table placemwnts. While malk 94 sitting between anatole(its predator) and Hardestadt con boon cap n tap rush (its prey) is stupid rare, if it cant get though pool quick enough to not let its prey set up, pool gain and backrushes will make it never stand a chance, and even if theres no rushing baxkwards and just occasional damage to vamps, the blood needed to keep going will become scarce when the anatole deck gets jack out.

Even in good conditions, malk 94 needs vps quick early on. Kindred spirits can take slightly longer, and does, because it uses less blood, for lesz bleed, and gains a pool buffer each ks action.
Most of these decks are in sire straights mid to lategame, as the often have little blood, and rush decks thrive mid to lategame, making it worse on super bleeders.

Rush decks canxsweep. Rarely. Ive done it once with Anson celerity guns, (at my first tournament ever, in fact) once with gargoyles (seriously, but my grandpredator pissed my predaror off, and he xon booned gargoyle twice then sat for a turn to delay his overly aggressive predator. It was a tounament at origins onexyear, and i had to delay stuff to sweep, but i got all but one vp) ive swept or gotten all but one vp with cock robin, akunanse, and probably count germaine in casual. But its mostly dumb luck and deck placement. Combat gets to lige to 3 players, then yoi can easily take 3 vp GW, as long as no gambit axcepted shitchappens.

Walls thrive similarly, grinders being able to lunge early if they want or need to.

Knowing when you should expect good things andxwhen to just no die are always important, as is reading the rest of the table the same way.

Edit: also, i used to have Anatole wall decks where id malkavian prank, tell everyone to aim high, and finance thier pool loss until smiling jack hit like 7-8. Then i discarded any other copies of poolgainers, and eagle aighted and shot with flametheowers whenever i had someone in my crosshairs. Got 3-4 vps, as lomg as it wasnt a combat heavy table or had super bleeders behind me early.
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Lots of nice insights here.

I usually try to adapt myself to the decks I'm playing with. If I'm using a super fast bleed deck, I usually play without a hardbreak and attract the table hate, because I like to play faster with those decks, not because that's the only thing the deck can do.

But usually I play with a bit more patience. The only tournament I won (also recently) I've played with a very slow setup deck, wich aways expected the right moment to attack.

I don't know. I guess the deck type can heavily influence the playing style on the game. Its hard to play patiently with a heavy and fast S&B deck.

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