file The Grandest Trick - Should it receive an Errata?

14 Apr 2019 02:18 - 15 Apr 2019 16:58 #94518 by Kushiel

So, how about this version of the card?

Proposed new text V2
Only usable when an action is announced. Put this card on the acting vampire. A vampire can have only one The Grandest Trick.
Vampires cannot block this minion during the current action. If this acting vampire is reduced to 0 blood or sent to torpor during this action, he or she is burned instead.

What do you think?

That's massively overpowered. Compare it to other "this vampire is unblockable by vampires" cards:
Beast Meld: requires two disciplines, not usable on a bleed action
Daring the Dawn/Day Op: acting vampire goes to torpor
Strange Day: only one per game
Flaming Candle: requires setup action, only one per game
Neutral Guard: requires scarce clan, only works against younger vampires

And not only is your version of GT way overpowered, it's a clan card for a clan that's already one of the more powerful ones in the game, who have access to two stealth disciplines and the Dominate "no blocking cards," and who certainly don't need unconditional unblockability.

Lastly, it completely kills the flavor of the card. I don't normally care much about the latter, but Grandest Trick is so cute!
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14 Apr 2019 22:58 #94520 by ReverendRevolver
In canon, as of V20 core book, most recent addition of The Grandest Trick, it's got pretty limited use.
Throw off hunters, meet with other Kiasyd elders.

Basically, Strange Day is a billion times more interesting as a story hook, and as a card.

TGT could be a reaction that's playable once a game that cancels a card directed at the Kiasyd if the card must be put on a vampire. Pentex, Fame, Deep song, etc.
But maybe word it to make the Kiasyd a Mortal Ally until the card has been resolved or something.

But it sucks, not much salvaging. VTM wise, it's not great because only high gen Kiasyd can use it. Not exactly ever played with a whole coterie of those....

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