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20 Mar 2013 19:35 - 20 Mar 2013 19:42 #46185 by Ylly
Hi fellow bloodlovers.

Last weekend there was a festival of anime, manga and also games and fantasy in Bratislava, Slovakia, called Anime Show / Game Expo.

VTES was also there B-)
With the donation from Adonai (whose help is much appreciated, thank you, Jeffrey), we (me and my friend) were able to teach VTES to new players willing to learn.

The start was not easy, people wandering around, some of them asking. But later in the afternoon there were several people really eager to try something more complex and complicated than Magic or Pokemon. It was fun as always, we exchanged contacts and 4 people look really promising :-)
Moreover, we met two players who had not played for years and were happy that the game is still alive. (One of them referred to seeing us as "the gift from heaven"):)

I also spoke to the guy responsible for card game section and we made an agreement that next time (autumn) VTES will be given special attention as well as one of the card game workshops. I hope our small community will welcome new blood :cheer:

The only thing missing is something we cannot influence: the revival of the game with a new card set. I hope this will get solved soon, too ;)
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20 Mar 2013 22:03 #46186 by Reyda
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way to go !! :D

Imagination is our only weapon in the war against reality -Jules de Gaultier
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