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13 Apr 2011 21:58 #3374 by Dreegar
Cellastors was created by Dreegar
Titled alternative of CEL gun deck, which rely on the Alexandra-torri-helicoter multy action. Usually start with a justicar than Alex, after 1 vp or non heavy bleeding pred Volker come out as well. Alastor gives helicopter, mostly when its sucessfully voted the magnums are in hand already, so no need for assault rifles. Main ousting method is rushing the minions and/or force them to block the KRC-s and kill. When they are reduced, Alex can land the finishing blow. 2. trads are there for 1 stealth, rush for the more. Anathema,vessels and tastes keeps the pool up the critical border.

3x Volker, The Puppet Prince
1x Constanza Vinti
1x Donal O'Connor
3x Alexandra
1x Ira Rivers
3x Madame Guil

4x Bum's Rush

7x Concealed Weapon
4x Psyche!
6x Blur
12x Pursuit
5x Side Strike
7x Taste of Vitae
3x Lightning Reflexes

3x Alastor
3x Kine Resources Contested
4x Anathema
3x Parity shift

5x Second Tradition: Domain

7x .44 Magnum
2x Helicopter
1x Ivory Bow

1x Dragonbound

2x Villein
3x Vessel
2x Blood Doll
1x Dreams of the Sphinx
1x Fame
1x The Barrens
1x information highway
1x Haven uncovered
1x Giants blood

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15 Apr 2011 16:43 #3411 by Dr.Mafrune
Replied by Dr.Mafrune on topic Re: Cellastors
Your crypt is very high, you don´t have enough accelerators, you don´t block to much nor have enough rushing capabilities and your combat module isn´t good calibrated.

A dedicated combat deck should have 50% +- of the deck dedicated red cards. In a cel + guns combat module guns are counted towards this limit. Cel+gun deck work better on a 80 limit basis, because is based on permanents; you don´t gain much by playing twice concealed + magnum on the same vampire. You need enough anticombatends, some dodges and not to abuse of blur/lightning reflexes; that cost blood and on the midgame it´s generally overkilling. Resist earth´s grasp is a very flexible card worth of trying.
An example of a calibrated combat module is:

6x Concealed Weapon
6x Magnum
7x Psyche
6x Taste of Vitae
7x Pursuit
4x Blur
3x Sideslip
2x Resist earth´s grasp

Reaction module is very important when you vampires are that big.
I would include a reaction module of at least 14 cards on a 80 card deck.
Many second trations, some bounce and some eyes of argus to intecept with

Masters module. Think that you have to pay for your guns !!! You have to drain your vampires strongly, therefore you should include 6 Villeins at least (+ other similar cards). Dreams of the sphinx are very good in this deck, because they help to influence and to get gun+concealed combo fast.

Other things to think of. Play at least 6 (in 80 deck) cards that let you rush and 2 of them should be haven uncovered.

Crypt Module. If you want to play arond Alexandra, don´t think playing also Madame Guil ( Alexandra = 11 + Madame Guil= 10 + Guns +4 = Total of 25 and you begin with 30).Select younger crypt. Jaroslav Pascek is also a good option to include, if you choose not to include Alexandra.


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15 Apr 2011 17:34 #3414 by Klaital
Replied by Klaital on topic Re: Cellastors
Seeing your pretty much using only celerity, I don't think your crypt is quite optimal. I would go with something like this...

3x Don Cruez, the Idealist
3x Donal O'Connor
3x Constanza Vinti
3x Volker, The Puppet Prince

This would mean all your vampires can play 2nd tradition, and you could also add some 4th traditions to get your guys out faster, and deflections for bounce, and best of all, you could play new carthage which gives all your guys +bleed and extra votes. Definetily change all the vessels and dolls to villeins. You could also consider adding couple carthage rememebered so that you can turn your guys to stealth bleeders suddenly which can easily give a vp if your prey isn't expecting it.

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17 Apr 2011 09:53 #3471 by Jussi
Replied by Jussi on topic Re: Cellastors
Klaital's Suggestion is a good one. I'd add Anson, who shares all required abilities (and you can abuse his special many different ways).

!bruj! :CEL: :POT: :PRE: :cap6:
Banging trashcans, breaking windows
We'll wake you up tonight

We like the good time, we scream and shout
And that's what fun's about

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