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02 Jul 2014 12:14 #63458 by Posco
Ravnos animals & bleed was created by Posco

This is another attempt on a ravnos deck, i cut it to 70 cards so Path and Week of nightmares come up early.

Deck Name: Ravnos ANI FOR CHI
Created By: Posco

Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 17, Max: 32, Avg: 6,08)
2 Vasiliy Vasilevich ANI CHI for pro8 Ravnos
1 Marion French ani chi 3 Ravnos
2 Anjalika Underwood ANI aus chi for5 Ravnos
2 Chavi Oraczko ANI CHI FOR nec7 Ravnos
2 Kiradin CHI DEM FOR ani pot8 Ravnos
2 Callirus ani CHI FOR 5 Ravnos
1 Brian Thompson ani chi for 4 Ravnos

Library: (70 cards)
Master (15 cards)
2 Chimerstry
4 Blood Doll
3 Path of Paradox, The
2 Week of Nightmares
2 Ravnos Carnival
1 Kumpania
1 Park Hunting Ground

Action (6 cards)
2 Tumnimos
2 Sensory Deprivation
2 Restoration

Action Modifier (9 cards)
5 Fata Morgana
3 Freak Drive
1 False Resonance

Reaction (6 cards)
2 On the Qui Vive
2 Cats` Guidance
2 Wake with Evening`s Freshness

Combat (19 cards)
5 Carrion Crows
5 Aid from Bats
3 Skin of Steel
2 Armor of Vitality
1 Indomitability
3 Taste of Vitae

Ally (1 cards)
1 Procurer

Retainer (2 cards)
2 Raven Spy

Equipment (2 cards)
1 Camera Phone
1 Treasured Samadji

Combo (10 cards)
4 Mirror Image
5 Occlusion
1 Draba

My intention with this deck is to get out 2-3 ravnos, one tumnimos and when I got this 3-4 vamps, pop up a Week of Nightmares and go right to my prey's pool, and if they block me, I'll carrion crows + aid from bats.

To survive, i have two raven spy to get some intercept, plus two cat's guidance and the kumpania. The restore and the procurers to refill my ravnos (they dry pretty soon if i don't get a path).

What do you think? Any changes? I know g 4-5 is not the best, but for the moment i can't get group 2 Ravnos... :(

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02 Jul 2014 12:30 #63459 by Timo
Replied by Timo on topic Re: Ravnos animals & bleed
Well, WoN is a bad card with only 3-4 vamps.

Specially if you have some blood issues.

Don't forget that week prevent you from hunting with your guys.

And frankly, you will have at most 2 bleed for 3 and 2 bleed for 2 each turn. And your guys are not so scary...

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02 Jul 2014 14:26 #63461 by ICL
Replied by ICL on topic Re: Ravnos animals & bleed
I think your defenses are far too weak. If the deck was a go forward kind of deck, that might not matter, but this isn't. This deck is trying to balance itself too evenly between left and right and it's not good at either. Votes with casual stealth or multiact should just rip you apart. Can't do much against stealth bleed. ... That pretty much means not really doing anything except against decks that want to fight.

Too many combat cards. Mirror Image and Occlusion both double as combat defense. I wouldn't want any of the Fortitude cards in the deck, including Restoration, maybe including Freak Drive. Someone who avoids combat will just choke you on combat cards. I'd rather Skin of Night or Song of Serenity just to have an easy cycle, with Apparition being another cycle that doesn't require damage to exist.

What does the deck do if it doesn't play Week of Nightmares? Ravnos horde decks can still swarm someone away. I'm not suggesting going with a dull horde strategy, but, if you want to have some sort of more balanced strategy, probably want some more permanents - Ivory Bow, Mr. Winthrop, Murder of Crows, The Anarch Free Press. Ousting power could be increased with more minions, Army of Rats, Tier of Souls, transient plays, more permableed, possibly even Fame (where Deep Song would be of some help).

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02 Jul 2014 17:08 #63463 by ReverendRevolver
Yea.... tootop heavy, for starters. I dig the untapping 8 cap, but kiradin doesnt belong here.

Chavi is good, callirus, brian......

Basically, if you want to fight, bleed, and block, you arent doing it very well.

WoN blows up, and you lose your game plan and possibly many minions.

You cant really hunt. Tasting is a better option than restoration.

Utilize what you already do. Sure, birds, bats, press is good, but WoN gives +1 strength, maybe crows, indom/hidden strength, tasting?

Path helps some, and i dont think this group is terrible, but you arent using the right tools do do what you are trying.

Freak drives need upped, blocking ability, army of rats, redo combat, maybe drop procurer, equipment isnt a must, as you only have a finite time to WoN bleed, so its a waste later.

If you take full advantage of WoN, tuminos swarm bleeding and voting is key. Its another deck.

You want to bleed, fight, and block.
You arent gaining anything with 70 cards over 85-90.

Its rare that this is true, but your are using fluid combat, and not defending yourself well, ane not rushing.....

How are you getting into combat? Being blocked?

Its all gotta work together. Streamlining to 70 cards doesnt actually help here, because its not doing something well enough to trim. You think 3 things get done, but even with path and week early, you fall short.

Rethink those things, but remember you lost ousting power if you want to not vote with mata and tsunda and swarm with tuminos. So, run deepsong, blocking, and better fighting. Or go another route.

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02 Jul 2014 22:27 #63479 by Posco
Replied by Posco on topic Re: Ravnos animals & bleed
I tested it today in our group, and I won the table making 1,5 VP (time ended).

I had an EuroBrujah as prey and a Block/Bleed/Vote Ventrue with Hardestadt as predator. The table was: Ventrue-Ravnos(me)-EuroBrujah-Tupdog+rockCat-Followers of Set.

I managed up to get 4 vamps out (Chavi, Vasilyi, Brian and Callirus), and no Tumnimos came out. I blood dolled my 4 vamps, so my pool did not went out too fast.

I had no chance to put any permableed on my vamps, but path of paradox stayed in game(I wasted 3 untaps to protect it) so i got fata morgana bleed modifier to go biting my prey while I blocked the most important actions of my predator (basically votes and some govern at inferior).

When I got my prey at 10 pool or so, I popped out WoN and sens depd Theo Bell and Donald O'Connor (the EuroBrujah also had Beast, but it was knocked out by his prey), so I easily ousted him.

I will modify the deck using your advice, anyway. Thank you all for the help!! :D

I have one question tho, when you use WoN and you cannot hunt as normal, you mandatory have to hunt anyway (by stealing blood from a younger ravnos, for example)?

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03 Jul 2014 05:10 - 03 Jul 2014 05:12 #63484 by Timo
Replied by Timo on topic Re: Ravnos animals & bleed
Yes, you have to hunt otherwise you are stuck.

But the other ravnos does'nt need to be younger per card text.
Last edit: 03 Jul 2014 05:12 by Timo.

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