file Please help me build 5 decks with my collection to play with new players!

28 Nov 2015 18:12 - 28 Nov 2015 18:14 #74564 by archdevil86
Hi everyone, new member here. been playing this game about 5 years back for a while. now i want to revisit the game and introduce to new bunch of friends.

Goal: Build 5 decks that i can introduce the game to my regular board game group. These players have never played any CCG or TCG. All of us like netrunner, but rarely play it as it is only 1 v 1. we are a group of 5. (prefect for vtes!) This will not be played every week. rather, it will be like another board game title during our monthly sessions. so i expect no deck building and also it should be fun out of the gate. There is no need to be competitive. just fun.

Potential Challenge: They may find this too hard to learn. Also, deck building is out of the question. so i need 5 decks that can play well together for at least 5 games without too boring or unbalanced.

Requirements: i am thinking to build each archetype, ie stealth and bleed, bruise and bleed, vote, combat rush, etc. however, i want the deck not to be too specialised . so all decks should have some access to combat, intercept, stealth and vote. this is not an absolute requirement. I just think it may be easier to teach when they all have access to these actions.


i myself is new to the game, so my pool is limited. in fact myself I only familiar with simple decks. below are the cards i have:

I have all the black hand pre constructed decks. subsequently i got a lot of common cards from a local gaming group.

this is what i have: I list the key cards, not limited to these cards. feel free to suggest other cards.

Tremere: i have 2x copy of almost all the common vampires (this is my favorite clan)
Toreador: All the sabbat crypt and the 3-6 cap camarilla
Malkavian: only the sabbat crypt.
Nosferatu: All the sabbat and a number of camarilla

Masters: Have enough of typical master for all the decks. blood doll, vessel, hunting grounds, rumour mill, giant blood, KRCG, barren, sudden reversal, zillah valley, minion tap, information highway, the rack, most disciplines, antediluvian awakening etc.

Bleed: mainly dominate based like conditioning, bonding. kindred spirit, govern unaligned, computer hacking, social charm, dream world

Stealth: mainly Obfuscate, veil of legion, swallow by night, into thin air, seduction

torn sign post, undead strength
theft of vitae, apporation, weather control, walk of fire etc
Blur, side strike, acrobat
unflinching presistance, skin of steel/rock, soak, superior mentle
song in the dark, drawing out the beast, carrion crow
about 10 majesty.
forced combat mainly animalisam like taunt the cage beast. no bum rush.

Reaction: enough wake with evening freshness/force awakening for all deck
enough redirects of various for all the decks.
limited to common intercept cards

quite a lot of variety notable:
abactor, grave robbing, slaughthering the herd, enchart kindred, pulse of canaille, biothaumaturgic experiment, cryptic mission

Votes: mainly kine resource contested, reins of power, disputed territories, conservative agitation. an many other which i have 2-3 copies.

equipments i have enough common(magnum, flak jacket, IR googles, laptop computers, sports bike, rifles etc) sengir dagger,

retainers/ally: js simmons, winthrop,tasha morgan, owl companion about 3 of each.

The are others i have not listed, this is just to give you an idea where my main card pool is from.

I have looked at barbed wire project but i dont have most of those crypt and cards.

Thanks for any guide on this!
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29 Nov 2015 07:18 #74570 by gandalf78
try to build a deck in this way is almost impossible, and also the final result could lead to a boring game due to the decks...
In any case one of the guys here around has made a blog ( and at this link you can find some demo deck that could be a good base for the first table... Based on that you can try to improve each decks using the cards that you have...
It's just my opinion and suggestion to you.
Have a nice game and remember, bleed responsible, the Archon Investigate everywhere!!!

Camarilla Prince of Milan
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29 Nov 2015 07:44 #74571 by Ashur
I made some demo-decks from spare cards recently, to give away. I´ll post some below. I wanted the decks to be simple (ie, not cards with lots of options etc), diverse (some intercept and votes in all decks etc) and balanced (I hope, but thats real tricky). If you don´t have the exact cards, replace with closest option (Cam malks with Sabbat malks, Childling Muse with Laptop Computer, etc).

Note 1: Some people strongly advocate demoing the game with "real" decks instead of simplified demo-decks, because it shows varied tactics and more powerful stuff (ie bleeds for 6 possible etc). I can understand this opinion, and I recommmend you pursue it soon after the new players understand the basics (If you have such decks that is).

Note 2: One other option is to demo the game with only stealth-bleed decks (possibly splash in some votes). But this option is also only suitable for a couple of rounds of gaming, to teach the basics (stealth, intercept, etc) - it quickly gets somewhat boring.


Bloody Mary
Lazarus James
Arthur Denholm
Gem Ghastly
Antoine The Lost

Masters 8
Asylum Hunting Ground
Effective Management
Elysium: The Arboretum
2 Life in the City
2 Secret Passage

Actions 11
4 Haunting, The
6 Kindred Spirits
1 Sleep of Reason

Equipment 4
2 Childling Muse
1 Blow torch
1 Cooler

Votes 2
Kine Resources Contested
Can't Take it with You

Action mod 17
3 Eyes of Chaos
5 Confusion
4 Lost in crowds
5 Cloak the Gathering

Combat 8
4 High Ground
4 Dodge

Reactions 10
3 Voice of Madness
3 Telepathic Counter
4 Wakes


Selma the Repugnant x2
Sebastian Marley
Chester Dubois
Grendel the Wormeaten

Masters 8
2 Labyrinth, The
Slum Hunting Ground
Effective Management
2 Life in the City

Actions 7
1 Kindred Intelligence
5 Computor Hacking
1 Army of Rats

Equipment/Retainers 7
4 Raven Spy
1 Bang Nakh - Tiger's Claws
2 Laptop Computer

Votes 2
Kine Resources Contested
Can't Take it with You

Action mod 12
4 Faceless Night
4 Lost in crowds
4 Cloak the Gathering

Combat 16
4 Aid from Bats
4 Carrion Crows
4 Pushing the limit
4 Song of serenity

Reactions 8
2 Elder Intervention
3 Forced Awakening
3 Rats Warning


Anson x2
Tatiana Romanova
Elliot Sinclair, Virtuoso Thespian
Ramiel Dupre
Demetrious Slater
Delilah Easton

Masters 8
Aching Beauty
Effective Management
Elysium: The Palace of Versailles
3 Life in the City
Society Hunting Ground

Actions 8
4 Public Trust
4 Social Charm

Equipment 4
Agate Talisman
Saturday-night Special
2 Sport Bike

Votes 8
4 Kine Resources Contested
Can't Take it with You
Domain Challenge
Disputed Territory
Year of Fortune

Action mod 12
4 Scorn of Adonis
4 Change of Target
4 Aire of Elation

Combat 12
6 Majesty
6 Vampiric Speed

Reactions 8
4 Wake W E F
4 Precognition


Ulugh Begh
Justine, Elder of Dallas
Astrid Thomas
Merrill Monitor
Sarah Cobbler
Jing Wei

Masters 8
Academic Hunting Ground
Haven Uncovered
Rack, The
Society of Leopold
Elder Library

Actions 5
1 Graverobbing
1 Ambush
3 Harass

Equipment 5
Ankara Citadel, Turkey
2 Kevlar Vest
2 IR Goggles

Votes 3
3 Kine Resources Contested

Action mod 9
3 Mirror Walk
3 Threats
3 Conditioning

Combat 20
3 Burst of Sunlight
7 Theft of Vitae
4 Rego Motus
6 Fake Out

Reactions 10
3 Spirit's Touch
3 Enchanced Senses
4 Eluding the Arms of Morpheus

"My strategy? Luck is my strategy, of course."

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29 Nov 2015 09:10 - 29 Nov 2015 09:15 #74574 by Walt

as Ashur I prepared some simple decks for playtesting in order to show to new players all the game mechanics and interactions while keeping them simple as possible

I use 6 vampires in crypt (with mixed capacity) and 40 cards in library, easy to prepare, teach and remember

I also use a mix of archetipes (S&B, vote, rush&combat, bruise&bleed and intercept&combat) while mixing a few odd cards in every deck

using your cards here an example

Crypt [6 vampires] Capacity min: 3 max: 10 average: 6.33333

1x Ayelea, The Manipu 10 AUS DOM OBT THA pre cardinal !Tremere:2
1x Kij Dansky 8 AUS DOM THA obt priscus !Tremere:2
1x Bryan Van Duesen 7 DOM THA aus pre !Tremere:2
1x Selena 6 AUS DOM THA !Tremere:3
1x Thelonius 4 aus dom tha !Tremere:2
1x Brooke 3 dom tha !Tremere:2

Library [40 cards]

Action [6]
2x Govern the Unaligned
2x Revelations
2x Scouting Mission

Action Modifier [8]
4x Bonding
2x Conditioning
2x Seduction

Ally [1]
1x Succubus

Combat [14]
6x Apportation
2x Burst of Sunlight
6x Theft of Vitae

Master [5]
2x Blood Doll
1x Short-Term Investment
1x Sudden Reversal
1x University Hunting Ground

Reaction [6]
2x Enhanced Senses
2x Forced Awakening
2x Spirit's Touch

this is a rush&bleed deck with a hint of intercept

you can prepare 5 decks in few minutes (just use clans cards and main disciplines as base) and then start to play

Stefano "Walt" Calzighetti
Prince of Pordenone (Italy)
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