file Hall of Mirrors (ANI-CHI deck with Netwar)

28 Feb 2016 10:11 #75575 by Ankha

I have fairly similar deck, without the anarch angle though, and it is quite decent. First thing I would like to ask though is do you really need to have that much variety in the crypt? You don't really have much pool gain there so I can't imagine you getting more than 3-4 vampires out in most games, so why not tighten up the crypt and focus on the vampires that have the discplines you want? Which would also let you get rid of all the field trainings.

These are very interesting considerations. I suppose I play that many different vampires so that I don't get doubles in the opening crypt. I could add Wider View though and try it your way.

I would also go for group 6 rather than 4 to get you Dhita and Sanjay that are just perfect for the discplines you are going for. Vasiliy would be something to consider too, his specials are really strong. I would also switch couple raven spies to murder of crows, and whether you do or not, that many retainers definetily calls for some pack alphas so you don't need to waste too many actions getting them.

I'll try the 5-6 crypt, but I don't really like Murder of Crows nor Pack Alpha (so many hand jam).

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