file Blessing of the Gas-Powered Guardian

11 Feb 2016 12:38 #75403 by alek
you can't rely on dragonbound without rush actions and you have none. You can block some actions of your prey and kick his butt but in case of directed actions you can only watch him doing what he wants.

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11 Feb 2016 14:34 - 11 Feb 2016 15:55 #75406 by jamesatzephyr

I was not expecting to do a tournament deck. To be right, i plan on making a few flavorfull decks to introduce the game to friends and play with them. To that end, an anarch deck may not be a good option...

Actually, if you can find a good tournament deck that has some flavour to it (many do) and isn't too tricky, that can be a much better option for newbies.

Why? If you have a sub-par deck full of lots of little bits, you can find yourself sat there not knowing what to do. So I've got this master card that is only any good in the early game, a bleed modifier but no way to evade my prey's blocking minions, an intercept card where I'm not really sure what I should be blocking etc. And if you give a deck a lot of combat, but it's relatively 'poor' melee weapon combat, then that can be defeated by a player tweaking the 'starter' deck you make up and putting in a handful of maneuvers, S:CE and Dodge. The value of those are often quite apparent to new players as being a good way of avoiding their vampires dying.

Picking a fairly solid tournament-worthy deck can give new players a much firmer grasp on what they're doing - they've got some votes, vote push, stealth, and combat defence, so probably stand a good chance at trying to do something, have ways of getting round their prey, can stand up to things, and interact with other players. If you can avoid anything too toolboxy (because using discards / hand cycling tech well requires a lot of game knowledge) or anything too tricky (e.g. LiquidAshur) or subtle (e.g. Grinders), that's better - but you can find some very flavourful top-tier decks that might be a good start for new players, without having to go to the other extreme of just giving them Malk S&B from 1994.
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11 Feb 2016 21:59 #75409 by ReverendRevolver
I saw the v2 of this deck on secret library, looks more "fun to learn" on than the original.
The HttB starter for !Salubri always made me think "what if..." With what it had in it. Making the crypt Quiyayayblahblahblah and the g6 crew, adding traps and other omitted stuff, but keeping abbot, drag inbound, TV, eyes, bats, etc and seeing what happens.
To James' point, a deck like that, where you can fight and block, then if you survive figure out what else to do, can be all over the place or make you feel like you are playing effectively based solely on its composition.
Baseball bat "oh, I untap later if I get this" and "magic sword, cool!" Aren't bad complicated, since you either swing and hit or don't, prevent, press. Now, Count Germain deciding to bleed or rush 3 times, when to tear a sign post, slam over pursuit, grapple, maybe roll with the punches, blur or not, maybe press is all the bad complex stuff that you normally want after you understand the most effective kind of combat, the blocky kind.

Oh, and one last thing I forget about a lot; blessing says minions, not !salubri or even vamps as your 2 buddies to untap. So, you can do Brothers,,like everyone, or even shamblers and cry wolfs. Mata Hari can even do this fun stuff.... You get the idea.
I've won casual tables with Q, brother in arms, and path+armor of caines fury+trap. It was with weenie bleeds (who wants to lose minions to a 2 cap?) But it happened.

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