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31 Dec 2016 23:54 #79883 by Alex O
Replied by Alex O on topic My first real deck. Lasombra
Signpost+ Dark Steel +Grapple+Taste with more Blood dolls will give you a solid return on your vitae. I could see a few leather jackets or a Guardian Angel to stop agg poke. 1 or 2 Arms of Abyss could still work.

I think 80 cards in a combat-heavy deck works fine. Swapping out 2-4 of your Masters for Haven Uncovereds will allow you to deal with a fast bleedy predator who could shut you down before you get rolling.

:salu: :OBE: :FOR: :AUS: :THA: :PRE: :obf:
Agitate Responsibly, but Influence Unduly.

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06 Jan 2017 09:18 #80024 by alek
Replied by alek on topic My first real deck. Lasombra
two main things I would fix in this deck are:
- average capacity of your vampires is too high
- deck needs streamlining. It's too toolboxy at the moment.
Here is the deck I was playing some time ago. In casual games it was very succesfull:

Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 22, Max: 29, Avg: 6,33)
2 Badr DOM OBT POT 7 Lasombra
1 Black Wallace DOM obt POT tha6 Lasombra
1 Conrad Adoula ani cel DOM OBT POT8 Lasombra
2 Gianmaria Giovanni POT dom nec obt5 Giovanni
2 Lord Vauxhall DOM OBT POT THA7 Lasombra
2 Otieno ani dom OBT POT6 Lasombra
2 Virginie obt DOM POT 6 Lasombra

Library: (90 cards)
Master (12 cards)
2 Dreams of the Sphinx
1 Fame
1 Giant`s Blood
1 Haven Uncovered
2 Monster
1 Pentex Subversion
3 Villein
1 Yawp Court

Action (22 cards)
2 Ambush
7 Bum`s Rush
11 Govern the Unaligned
2 Rumble

Action Modifier (6 cards)
2 Conditioning
1 Foreshadowing Destruction
3 Seduction

Reaction (12 cards)
7 Deflection
1 Delaying Tactics
4 On the Qui Vive

Combat (37 cards)
8 Dark Steel
10 Immortal Grapple
4 Slam
7 Taste of Vitae
8 Torn Signpost

Equipment (1 cards)
1 Heart of Nizchetus

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