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22 Sep 2016 01:25 #78471 by brandonsantacruz
Hi Guys,
I have a collection of mostly unused deck ideas I thought I would share. I hope you find them interesting.

Cel Princes

Black hand group 4-5 DEM for with KS + Confusion + Freak Drive/Tatoo Signal. Bleed/intercept toolbox

Obf dom pro stealth bleed with horrific countenance

AUS DEM OBF + bleed wall/toolbox

!Ventrue Croc Tongue, Kiss of Ra, Force of Will, Templar with Grooming the Protege and Restoration

AUS PRO princes

group 4-5 Torries with DOM PRE + victor Donaldson and Golconda

Dr. John Dee thaum vote/bleed

Potence princes featuring Jann Berger with Burning Wrath, Slam, Decapitate, Pursuit, 2nd tradition.
Masquerade enforecment? Camarilla segrigation?

Cardano kiss of ra + force of will with seduction, day operation

Edged Illusion + Force of Will. Mirror's Visage and Red Herring? Gabrin has built-in tap ability.

Osebo intercept combat with Ancestor's Insight (6 cap and lower)

Nos royalty group 4-5 stealth vote/block.

Sabbat with potence stealth rush via Stealth Ritus featuring Bum's Rush and Lids.

Princes of PRE for unblockable bleeds featuring Force of Personality and Daring the Dawn, tomb of ramses,
lots of Parity Shift. Pulling strings? Protected Resources? Bleeding the Vine?

Tremere burst of sunlight + rotschreck

Weenie presence vote with Force of Personality

Nakthorheb and 9+ cap FoS vote and Dark Mirror of the Mind

Osebo + 9-cap assamite Magagi toolbox featuring aus/cel

Nos with dominate breed and graverob

Rico loco bomb with OBF DOM minions

ANI THA dom tap/stealth bleed featuring Deep Song, Mirror Walk, Aid from Bats + Blood to Water + walk of flame

DOM for (NEC? OBF? OBT?) incriminating video tape bleed featuring heidelberg castle, equipment moving
(I.e. codex of the edenic groundskeepers, laptop, weapons?) and bleeding/voting. Bonding = stealth? Include Kiss of Ra?

Animalism combat with just aid from bats + canine Horde. You will win the rangeed combat scene

Marcus Vitel and Lasombra stealth bleed featuring Julia Prima.

for storyline- !Gangrel featuring Sebastiel Goulet

Weenie dem for storyline (cheese to win) or ravnos with dem shennanigans, tumnimos, dem skill cards

CEL rush/vote with monster, flurry of action

!Brujah legal bleed with Spoils of War, Esprit de Corps, and Immortal Grapple.

PRO CEL PRE bleed with form of mist, Spontaneous Transformation, dual form, cardinal

Giovanni w/+ hand size with Dummy Corporation for fast cycle.

Specialization + multi-purpose cards so that you can dump the resources you
don't need for pool (i.e. spectral divination, Murur of the False Will)
-include dis pater?
-Who does this best, Giovanni or Ravnos?deck above?

Approximation of Loyalty
Daring the Dawn
Call of the Hungry Dead
Slaughtering the Herd
Gualtiero Ghiberti + Keystone Kine Giovanni

My Enemy's Enemy to kill your grand predator (if pred too strong) or to block.
-Good for wall decks because it shrinks table.
-Good for fighty decks? Osebo?

What if what appears to be weakness is actually strength?

Condemn the Sins of the Father w/BH tap/stealth and bleed?

Vote w/bribes, Jazz Wentworth + entice?

How reasonably can you deliver 15+ pool damage in 2 turns or less?
To do this requires pool damage capacity of 15+

Weenie/midcap dom obf minions: 5 pool damage each per turn. 3-4 successful bleeds in 2 turns = win

Nocturns + madness network (i.e. Gratiano, maybe weenie dom/dom obt/obt and Victoria). Mouthpiece?

Ian Forestall Reanimated Corpse + Nocturn

Malks with obedience or mental maze untap, block, stay untapped, and then bleed. Toy + Babble? Dive into Madness?
Eluding the Arms of Morpheous?

Underbridge Stray +!Gangrel wall featuring weenies and Leathery Hide, weighted walking stick, lucky blow, target vitals
This is up to 10 damage over 2 rounds, goodbye war ghouls!

Malk Madness Network Freak Drive + Precognizant Mobility. Jason the World's Voice. Unmata. Roxanne and Anatole with
Ozmo + equip with dom for. Short-term toolup actions more obvious to block. Long-term devious. +1 bleed as investment.
Equip vs Dive into Madness. Copius sources of blood.

Nos with for bleed + "entice"

Xendil Charmer(7-cap Priscus with CEL PRO SER obf) Vote/Bleed/(Entice?) featuring Form of Mist and Instantaneous Transformation

Toy w/Babble + Madness Network. Muddled vampire hunter?

Dual form + Instantaneous Transformation

Propaganda + Approx. of Loyalty

Malks Madness Network with !salubri blessing of the name Url to deck:

Dom THA vote

ANI AUS wall featuring cats' guidence, Eyes of Argus, Enhanced Senses, and On the Qui Vive

pot pre cards + some acrobatics

!Gangrel with auspex and the new !Gangrel cards

Legendary vampire as temporary, expensive +2 bleed and/or vote (old school Nos Royalty, Nakthorheb, etc)

Bomb + Flesh of Marble

Recruit/equip +bleed and freak drive/force of will bleed. Protean a plus because of Form of Mist. Robert Carter!

Sabbat protean with Zillah's tears for untaps. Equip + Zillah's Tears + bleed + equip...\

Sabbat with presence entrance +bleed/ tap and bleed.

POT PRE intercept combat featuring Sabbat for Under Siege, obt and/or cel for intercept. Auspex?
Melinda Galbraith Adv is extra good because of her sabbat tapping text.

Nos stealth vote with Legendary Vampire, Fear of Mekhet, DI, Second Tradition, potence, stealth Ventrue for Ventrue HQ,
Palace of Versaille, Island of Yiaros, Therbold Realty

Xendil Charmer with !Gangrel friends. Under Siege, intercept, Form of Mist, Zillah's Tears, Entice

Mata Hari + !Nos edged illusion + Inside Dirt. Esteem for shits and giggles? Zillah's Tears?

Maxwell superstar deck featuring Instantaneous Transformation, Forced March, presence actions.

Hartmut and Xendil vote/tempt/bleed/form of corruption. Wall element? Use Hartmut's ability to lower blood at table,
then tempt, etc. Toolbox?

Dark Influences as a way to shut down new, specialized decks.

!Trem with Rigo Motus/Mirror Walk + Croc Tongue toolbox. Group 4/5 featuring Carmen, Frondator, Paul Cordwood
Zillah's Tears, Equip, bleed.

Group 3/4 DOM THA stealth bleed

Hugh's Cryptic Mission deck. featuring lots of !Trem for new cards?

Cel/Pro bleed deck with Malabranca + Legal Manip/Social Charm for two "I bleed you and take pool. actions"

Toreadors with fortitude tool up/steal allies and untap, then bleed unblockably.

Sabbat AUS DOM for/tha toolbox featuring eyes of argus, under seige, telepathic misidrection, melange, deflection,
murmur of the false will. Starring (?) Eric Cordwood because of his special, place in Govern chain.Combat = deer rifle.
It can be a "grinder" without much or any fortutude prevent. Instead it will have to have obedience, guns. Could use
prevent + obedience.

Singing in the dirt featuring Talbot for combat card cycling. More Earth Meld than Form of Mist. Rush and untap vs
someone's majesty cross table? (or help them cycle combat cards).

Second tradition + obedience + guns. Fight the big guys (enemy deck short on combat cards), obedience young ones
(more space for combat). Include fortitude for soak, armor of vitality, resilience

obt dom block featuring lasombra and thrown gate or DOM obt

ANI AUS vic featuring animalism combat with Meld with the Land to untap people who should act again.

CHI deck with intercept locations and Draba to be a king maker. "I decide who's king and he is me!" King making
is fun! First pred dies, then grand pred (if 5 player). Next kill prey and then last player. Is this sort of deck fun?

Anarch Beast rush + anarch revolt featuring Dominate weenies, glancing blow, conditioning, deflection. Dom/Pot weenies?

Weenie presence vote deck featuring 4 enchant kindred, 2 entrancement, 4 Aire of Elation, 6 deflection, 4 wake, 4 scalpel
tongue. Use more toreadors with PRE even though capacity is higher. Could use 6 enchant kindred, 0 entrancement.

AUS OBF toolbox with votes featuring Confusion of the Eye, maybe Telepathic Vote Counting.

ANI AUS wallish deck

Salubri untappy chick with Renewed Vigor + Zayyat. Gain lots of transfers! Use anarch tech for untaps, massive pool with
Rev. Counsel

Honor the Geezers featuring fatties, obfuscate, auspex, bounce, and Confusion of the Eye

ani chi wall.

!Gangrel with ghoul retainer wws/Nightstick.

AUS SER block and bleed. Featuring bounce, AUS SER card. 3-bleeder FoS?

Alex Wilkinson + Temptation. Take him back every turn. If someone pays, you can then Temptation and bleed again?

Assamite Loss/toolbox

my vtes play style:
I like to play fast and not have people gang up on me. If I can get them to go forward,
then they won't cross-table me. Table-screw tactics can work, like Anarch Revolt, Ant. Awak.,
Curse of Nitocris, and sometimes Smiling Jack.
I don't like being blocked and stomped, and I want to deal with allies.

big giovanni (or just necromancy) shamblers + Golconda "Fat Shamblers"

AUS obf tha bleed with Sundervere and !Trem/trem

Weenie AUS featuring Frondator and Neigbor John (great specials) "Weenie Aus Sabbat"

play new decks all the time if you want to not let opponents have the advantage.

FOR + Freak Drive is good in many situations

FOS go Sabbat and become Cardinals, vote "FOS Sabbat Vote"

Beatrice and mummy fos deck with ally burn/steal.

Nocturns with + strength from Esprit de Corps and Inspire Greatness. Rush/defend? Use with Beatrice.

AUS PRE SER with sundervere. Block and Catatonic Fear + Target Vitals to reduce blood. Steal
with Form of Corruption. You can block hunts and play CF at basic to keep them at zero blood.

Cailian esprit de corps with !Nos

Minions with tha/THA, maybe with dom or pre or just computer hackers, nightstick combat
with some rego motus for additional prevent.

Giovanni using Spiritual Guidance for defensive combat (i.e. Dodge, Spiritual Intervention, Disengage).

Matata is a badass at combat and decent blocker.

Assamite breed machine featuring becoming and web of knives recruits. Could use princes to
play 3rd traditions, too. Or just use non-camarilla to make vampires and include Mylan.
Should I use BH Assamites for extra tricks? That gets me permanent untap and access to
hungry coyote. Main idea: I make a lot of dudes!

Cicatriz and other !Nos intercept + Inside Dirt "nuts and bolts"

FoS Mummy deck featuring Recruitment, Betrayer and Spell of Life. Necromancy ftw (if needed)

AUS THA deck featuring the new Tzscim that can steal allies, Gabrielle (John D?)

Be careful when you fight the monsters, lest you become one.
-Friedrich Nietzsche
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31 Dec 2016 20:15 #79880 by Alex O
Replied by Alex O on topic Misc Deck Ideas
--!Gangrel with auspex and the new !Gangrel cards--

Here's mine, minus AUS. Fun if it can build up to 2 minions, but AUS would be useful if just for Quicken Sight. Ideal turn: Thing, untap, rush or equip retainer, save Mantles for key target rushing. Probably better with a few smaller minions.

Deck Name: Mayhem Quartet in Agg Major
Author: Alex Orzulak
New Gangrel quartet of mayhem, fueled by Things.

Crypt (12 cards; Capacity min=7 max=10 avg=8.25)
3x Ariadne 8 chi ANI FOR PRO Gangrel:5
4x Matasuntha 10 ANI AUS CEL FOR PRO Gangrel:5
3x Rosa Hernández 7 ANI CEL FOR PRO Gangrel:4
2x Ryder 7 ani pot FOR PRO Gangrel:4

Library (90 cards)
Master (15)
1x Archon Investigation
3x Blood Doll
1x Ecoterrorists
2x Ennoia's Theater
1x Fame
3x Haven Uncovered
1x Perfectionist
1x Rötschreck
1x Sudden Reversal
1x Vessel

Action (16)
3x Bum's Rush
3x Deep Song
3x Mantle of the Bestial Majesty
7x Thing

Retainer (3)
2x Raven Spy
1x Robert Carter

Action Modifier (8)
1x Enkil Cog
4x Forced March
3x Freak Drive

Reaction (14)
4x Cats' Guidance
1x Delaying Tactics
2x Guard Dogs
4x On the Qui Vive
1x Rat's Warning
2x Sense the Savage Way

Combat (34)
6x Bear's Skin
2x Canine Horde
4x Claws of the Dead
2x Flesh of Marble
4x Form of Mist
2x Hidden Strength
4x Psyche!
5x Pursuit
5x Taste of Vitae

Created with Secret Library v0.9.4d. (Dec 31, 2016 22:10:36)

:salu: :OBE: :FOR: :AUS: :THA: :PRE: :obf:
Agitate Responsibly, but Influence Unduly.

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31 Dec 2016 20:19 #79881 by Alex O
Replied by Alex O on topic Misc Deck Ideas
Just saw how Homuncuous or even Carrion Coffin would really add to any PRO Enkil Cog deck... and of course Instantaneous Transformation for this deck. Any thoughts on how to untap a Cog vamp OOT?

:salu: :OBE: :FOR: :AUS: :THA: :PRE: :obf:
Agitate Responsibly, but Influence Unduly.

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