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18 Dec 2016 10:10 - 18 Dec 2016 10:13 #79595 by Kraus
Answer as many of these questions in your description as you can:

How do you intend to oust?
Fame, Anarch Revolt, lunge with high-impact votes, bleed for one.
How do you intend to keep from being ousted?
Bloat, and let S&B fill up with Stealth
What do you want your ready region to look like (ie, how many guys are you planning on getting out)?
4 to 5 vampires, with a baron out.
What do you want your average turn to look like?
Build up on votes and stay alive - on lunge turn Reckless, another Vote and bleed with Codex.
What's your metagame like? How do your opponents play?
Very diverse, with newcomers with boosted starter display material at their disposal.
What problems have you observed with the deck in play?
Survivability, lunge effectiveness on crucial turns, the most effective way to build up on anarch counters for dudes.

Deck Name: Howling Baronesses
So what can you make out of new, cool advanced barons, cool anarch vote machines, and cool Gangrel things?

What are the best ways to go anarch in here?

Would some of my vampires be something else?

Anything to add to my survivability?
Friend of Mine for Bleed reduction on :for: .

Flex slots:
1x Grooming >
1x Hospital Food >
1x Firebrand >
1x Renegade Garou >
1x Field Training >
1x Ritual of the Bitter Rose >
1x Cryptic Rider >
> 1x Pentex Subversion
> 1x Direct Intervention (/Power of All?)

Crypt (13 cards; Capacity min=1 max=8 avg=4.69)
1x Anarch Convert 1 Caitiff:ANY
1x Antonino 6 ani pre pro FOR Gangrel:3
1x Bernard, the Scourge 5 ani for pre pro Gangrel:4
1x Brunhilde 8 pre ANI FOR PRO Gangrel:3
1x Brunhilde ADV 8 pre ANI FOR PRO Gangrel:3
1x Calvin Cleaver 3 for pro Gangrel:4
1x Danielle Diron ADV 7 aus cel chi for ANI PRO Gangrel:3
1x Danielle Diron 7 chi for ANI PRO Gangrel:3
1x Dr. Allan Woodstock 5 ani aus for PRO Gangrel:3
1x Gunnar 4 for PRO Gangrel:4
1x Robert Price 2 pro Gangrel:4
1x Sarah Raines 2 for Gangrel:3
1x T.J. 3 cel for Gangrel:4

Library (79 cards)
Master (19)
1x Anarch Free Press, The
2x Anarch Revolt
2x Archon Investigation
1x Backways
1x Barrens, The
1x Carfax Abbey
1x Ecoterrorists
1x Ennoia's Theater
1x Fame
3x Grooming the Protégé
1x Hospital Food
2x Tribute to the Master
2x Vessel

Event (2)
1x Narrow Minds
1x Urban Jungle

Action (20)
2x Abactor
1x Epiphany
1x Fee Stake: Seattle
1x Field Training
1x Legacy
4x Loki's Gift
10x Thing

Political Action (9)
2x Consanguineous Boon
1x Conservative Agitation
2x Eat the Rich
1x Firebrand
2x Reckless Agitation
1x Revolutionary Council

Equipment (1)
1x Codex of the Edenic Groundskeepers

Ally (3)
3x Renegade Garou

Action Modifier (14)
1x Cryptic Rider
2x Earth Control
7x Freak Drive
2x Propaganda of the Deed
2x Red Question, The

Combat (9)
2x Claws of the Dead
2x Earth Meld
4x Form of Mist
1x Groundfighting

Combo (2)
1x Lay Low
1x Ritual of the Bitter Rose

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It's been a looooong time. Now the newcomers that have been emerging in Joensuu (Fin), at Garou Rim, have injected me with renewed enthusiasm.

I'm really loving what you guys have been doing with the .pdf sets. It gives room for me to look into two different areas I haven't really investigated before: gangrel and anarch.

I added some flex slots for cards that are cool but could be changed for other cool cards (like, Permanent Vacation or Justicar Retribution) at the top of the thread, and included some cards I just didn't bother including (from other decks) at the time.

The deck plays suprisingly well, or at least it's interesting to play with. I'm really enjoying the different hunt actions and what Hospital Food and Anarch Free Press do with them.

I've been thinking of Effective Management for extra speed, and Open War and Patsy (don't have them yet) for extra Baron goodness. Both are really strong cards.

Any discussion is appreciated!

Krausedit\\ It seems like Secret Library's export into bbcode isn't supported by forums anymore (gave me an error of 'too many links'). Is export into text the new medium, or?

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18 Dec 2016 17:19 #79599 by Kimpan
Oh where to start? You have an ok idea just you put it al together in a messy way.
Whats the perks with Gangrel and baron vote decks? They have 2-3 vampires with built in Baron title if you count in Boss Callihan. Crime thinc is a super good anarch card that you dont use.

19 masters with only 2 trifle is to much.
One of each vampires is a bad way to go I think. Specially when Brunhilde adv is SOOO good for your deck.
You have to many "options" in the deck. Fame, bitter rose and lay low???? Stick to one thing, the % of you getting the cards in the right order to pull that trick of is not going to happen. They will only clog your hand. If you want to "remove" vampires use banishment.
Garous are nice but what will you do when someone steals them? They will tear you to pieces, If you like the idea of having allys that rush swap them out for Cry wolf. Cheaper and they will not destroy your game.

Just some pointers. The most important is it should be fun to play, so maybe everything I have sad is not for you?

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