file feedback needed: Ian and Muaziz anarchs

31 Dec 2016 20:28 #79882 by Alex O
This has some potential but needs focus. Trying to leverage Crimethinq and Steely Tenacity.

Deck Name: Street Wizards
Author: Orzuak
Ian Forestal & Muaziz anarch.

Crypt (12 cards; Capacity min=1 max=8 avg=5.25)
4x Anarch Convert 1 Caitiff:ANY
1x Eugenio Estevez 6 dom for AUS THA Tremere:3
4x Ian Forestal 8 AUS DOM THA !Tremere:2
3x Muaziz, Archon of Ulugh Beg 7 aus dom for THA Tremere:2

Library (80 cards)
Master (13)
1x Arcane Library
4x Blood Doll
2x Fame
1x Heidelberg Castle, Germany
1x Infernal Pact
2x Information Highway
1x Nod
1x Twilight Camp

Action (13)
3x Gear Up
4x Magic of the Smith
3x Shattering
3x Smash and Grab

Equipment (4)
1x AK-47
1x Ivory Bow
1x Ruins of Ceoris
1x Stolen Police Cruiser

Retainer (1)
1x Infernal Familiar

Action Modifier (10)
1x Conditioning
5x CrimethInc.
2x Freak Drive
2x Loose Cannon

Reaction (9)
2x Deflection
3x On the Qui Vive
4x Telepathic Misdirection

Combat (26)
2x Amaranth
5x Burst of Sunlight
10x Diversion
1x Donnybrook
3x Hell-for-Leather
4x Taste of Vitae
1x Telepathic Tracking

Combo (4)
4x Steely Tenacity

Created with Secret Library v0.9.4d. (Dec 31, 2016 22:24:09)

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01 Jan 2017 20:01 #79898 by Vlad
You could add some Intercept (Eagle Sight and Eyes of Argus) and Rotschreck to use Muazziz during others turn.

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01 Jan 2017 21:27 #79899 by Kimpan
You have a lot of combat cards but no good way to get your vampires into combat. Yes Ian can play Steely Tenacity but its Muaziz that can play the Amaranth.

So you need intecept or rushes. Guardian vigil and Bowl is a very strong cards if you want to go the blocky way.

You could also use govern the unaligned to get out your vampires cheaper.

Gear up, shattering and smash and grab can be rushes or governs.

Net war is a very strong and flexible card för Ian.
Eyes of Argus is flexible.

Dont think you need Nod or Twilight camp, there are a lot of better masters. Pentex, Anarch revolt, DI...
Arcane library is also a bit meh with only 3 tremeres in the crypt and you want one of them out in the game.

Some pointers, hope it helps.

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