file Demo DECKS! HELP!

19 Sep 2017 03:03 #83597 by malkavianbarcelona

i need some demo decks because i go in 10 days to a Spanish WoD Fan Convention and i want to try to catch come new players to the game.

I want to make some Demo decks for play 2 tables of 5 players. They already subscribed to the workshop then i already know i have this 10 players for sure, or almost sure.

They will be larp and tabletop players and i want for them to be very seductive.

I will use the 7 Camarilla 60 cards demo decks, but i want 3 extra decks in that format and i'm not very good at deckbuilding.

Anybody can help me and give me some extra 60 card decklist for DEMO deck not based in a Camarilla Clan. lasombra, Tzimisce and Anarchs will be something amazing if its possible!

I will use my own private cards to build up the decks and give the participants of the workshop the chance to take away this decks with them if they will continue to play after their first impressions.

Somebody will be such kind to HELP ME???!!!

Thanks in Advance

PD: if somebody can attach to this post the decklist of the 60 card DEMO decks of the 7 Camarilla clans it will be very helpfull too.

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19 Sep 2017 10:01 #83599 by Ke.
Replied by Ke. on topic Demo DECKS! HELP!
There are the quick start decks on Amaranth:

They are close to 60 cards and fairly simple — perhaps avoid the Lawfirm and Ravnos deck.

If any one is interested in submitted decks, that would be great. The goal is to get at least one deck per clan:

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