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13 Dec 2017 20:34 - 13 Dec 2017 20:35 #84580 by Kuruc
I created the intercept wall deck from the salubri! I've been playing with them for a long time, and I'm always fine-tuning them. They still have big mistakes. They have the greatest deficiency in blood, lack of pool, and very quickly loos their blood in battles (even though I have preventives). Can you tell me what cards to add and what to remove to make the deck more balanced but still intercept wall capable in combat?

4x Uriel
2x Qawiyya el-Ghaduba
2x Neighborn John
2x Aredhel
2x Langa

Library (85):
1x Channel 10
1x Path of retribution
1x Code of Samiel
1x Fame
1x Tension in ranks
1x Smiling Jack, The Anarch
1x Millice Smith, Puritan Vampire Hunter
3x Dreams of the Sphinx
1x WMRH Talk Radio
1x KRCG News Radio

Action : (4)
4x Abbot

Action modifier: (6)
6x Burning Touch

Ally: (1)
1x Procurer

Equipment: (1x)
1x Bowl of Convergence

Combat: (39)
5x Death Seeker
4x Tracer´s Mark
9x Eye of Unforigiving Heaven
3x Vengeance of Samiel
1x Skin of Steel
3x Armor of Vitality
3x Rolling with the Punches
6x Soak
5x Armor of Caine´s Fury

Reaction: (22)
4x Eagle´s Sight
2x My Enemy´s Enemy
4x Precognition
4x Telepathic Misdirection
3x Enhanced Sense
3x Eyes of Argus
2x On the Qui Vive
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14 Dec 2017 15:14 - 14 Dec 2017 15:26 #84586 by ReverendRevolver
I've had reasonable success with decks that do what you describe, but on g5&6.
Now, ironically same card count, and one Silas should be the guy there's only 2 of.
This version had less blocky stuff to go forward more, and I don't seem to have the wall version anywhere but a notebook I'm having trouble finding, but the wall had issues keeping your prey from taking the table. More combat style wall did better, but I never ran in tournament because it's only been tested as is in like 2 games.

Brother in arms gave you more leaning power, and with AocF in hand, a bug with the blooding and your path out could rush or block, play trap, and laugh maniacally mid to late game.

If you want this grouping for John, I'd still recommend being able to apply more forward pressure, otherwise the table gets unbalanced before you want it to.

Lower total cards in combat package. 36 is good for rush combat, you just block. I don't know if you need media location with all those reaction. Up jack, path, code. Maybe less dreams. I like using PB Monty in walls. Its a shame you have to use laibon since Uriel can play under siege.
Maybe vessel or BD?
Sense death and brother in arms are quite good.
Combat: I over invest in prevent, but you exceed my norm. 9 EouH is maybe too much. You need taste, and not sure vengeance if Samiel is needed.

Hope I've helped at least somewhat.
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14 Dec 2017 21:39 - 14 Dec 2017 21:43 #84593 by Kuruc
Replied by Kuruc on topic Salubri! - Uriel´s Legacy
Thank you, I removed Vengeance of Samiel, Tracer's Mark and Channel 10 and one Dreams. I'll pick up the Rack and Powerbase and Brothers in Arms, and I'll see when I can play next week, how does it works.
EDIT: And removed Qaawiyya and pick up Dela Eden
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