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18 Jun 2018 05:23 #88229 by hollowboy
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Run either deflection or narrow minds.

"How do you intend to keep from being ousted?
Buffer of ~20 pool. Anyone bleeding me is at risk of DBR or Deflection."

I was thinking of running 4 Deflection, and 1-2 Two Wrongs for a tourney (high cheese) environment.

Because the DBR module would discourage 0 stealth bleeds, anything I deflect should have a decent chance of being successful / adding to my forward pressure.

You need to decide if this is an aggro deck for speed or not, as your actions to make pool will get blocked by most predators who can, and you will abruptly be spending pool to get new minions.

Can you please clarify what the underlined bit means? Aggro as in DBR damage, or as in deck style?

If you want a deck that gets you a small army for free, then defends or votes or bleeds, many law lawfirm style decks do this well.

I've done decks in similar style (Lasombra Power Structure, FoS swarm). Was wanting to try something more focused.

I need to see a list to really help.
I'd reccomend aggro no duplicate crypt, 60-70 cards(70 only if your running ashur tablets because you somehow have other "only forward" decks in your playgroup, such as malk 94/giovanni powerbleed/weenie dementation, etc)

I think I have missed some of the intent of the author here.

1) aggro = DBR damage or play style?
2) Do you think I'd need greater deck size in a cheesy environment with lots of heavy bleed? I would have thought I'd need less deck size, cos games would end faster.

I usually build to 90 cards, but I usually build slower / sillier decks.

I was gonna aim for ~80 cards this time.

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18 Jun 2018 07:08 #88232 by hollowboy
Replied by hollowboy on topic Crypt Machine ideas
That's a decent option. Using 5 caps means it would start slightly slower, but would have better Master flow (I'd drop lots of the Dominate and Agent of Power for Wider View and other stuff).


Thinking further on these lines: if I was going to run this sort of deck (5 caps + crypt management), the 5 caps may as well be duplicates of:

Jephta Hester DOM FOR aus
João Bilé DOM FOR pre

...for access to Freak Drive at superior. The 3/4 group has plenty of support for them.

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19 Jun 2018 11:24 #88281 by hollowboy
Replied by hollowboy on topic Crypt Machine ideas
Here is the modified crypt + library core, with some chunks repeated from post one.

Group 2:

(4) Ingrid Russo - DOM for
(4) Shane Grimald - dom pot ani
(4) Ignacio, The Black Priest - dom pot obt
(3) Cameron - dom pot
(3) Brooke - dom thau
(2) Samson - dom
(2) Christine Boscacci - dom vic
(2) Ohanna

Group 3:

(4) Katherine Stoddard - dom for
(3) Sister Evelyn - dom aus
(3) Ember Wright - dom aus
(3) Saiz dom - aus

NOTE I modified the crypt to:
a) reduce the average capacity
b) reduce the chance that I'll get 4 of the same capacity in my opening draw*

Master - trifle (9)
6 Agent of Power
2 Wash
1 Life in the City

Master (16)
1 Information Highway
1 Fame
1 Dreams of the Sphinx
4 Dominate
4 Effective Management
5 Storage Annex

NOTE I only intend to play cards at DOM about 6 times over a typical game (i.e. 5 bloat actions, 1 Graverobbing), hence the masters are skewed towards lube rather than giving DOM to one and all. And yes, I do have an absurd love for Storage Annex.

Action (23)
7 Scouting Mission
7 Govern the Unaligned
4 Games of Instinct
3 Jack of Both Sides
2 Graverobbing

Action mod (1)
1 Conditioning

Reaction (6)
1 Wake with Evening's Freshness
1 On the Qui Vive
1 Fillip
3 Deflection

NOTE for a tournament, I might add another Deflection (or two), and 1-2 Two Wrongs.

Equipment (10)
9 Saturday Night Special
1 .44 Magnum

Combat (14)
7 Concealed Weapon
4 Dragon's Breath Rounds
3 Target Vitals

Event (1)
1 Break the Code

How do you intend to oust?
Swarm bleed

How do you intend to keep from being ousted?
Buffer of ~20 pool. Anyone bleeding me is at risk of DBR or Deflection.

What do you want your ready region to look like (ie, how many guys are you planning on getting out)?
6+ weenie dominate vampires.

What do you want your average turn to look like?
Early game: bloat to crypt. By the end of turn 2, I should have played 3 masters and a bloat action, thereby getting 3 vampires into play.
Mid game: bloat to crypt, get guns.
Late game: swarm bleed

What's your metagame like? How do your opponents play?
Casual meta: trick decks
Tourney meta: cheese

What problems have you observed with the deck in play?
N/A for this deck
I have seen a player in my group use a weenie dom DBR deck a few times. It went well when surprise was on it's side, but tended to stall because it overextended / spent too much pool and too many actions on equipping with Saturday Night Specials.

That's why I've skewed mine towards having a huge pool buffer, and splashed in some tech to make the guns cheaper, and some Target Vitals, so that not every combat burns a gun.

The overall game plan is not to get a dirty oust (Govern + Seduction + Bonding) on turn 4, which I consider un-fun, but to be able to threaten credibly / table talk / participate well on turn 4.

*the intended opening hand is uneven capacity + Agent of Power.

There's still a ~5% chance I will draw 4 x 3 caps, but in that scenario, there are lots of ways to cycle cards, to fish for a Dominate Master or an Effective Management.

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19 Jun 2018 16:28 - 19 Jun 2018 16:39 #88292 by ReverendRevolver
In some sort of order:
1. I meant Aggressive Deck. Slang for aggravated damage is typically Agg, unless someone is in a playgroup disconnected from ones that interact with others.
2. Greater deck size = less consistancy. So, in a deck this straightforward less is better most of the time.

The deck:
Add Royce
The Coven could help.
Your only important reaction cards are on the qui and deflection.
Drop Jack of both sides

Hungry Coyote is not a bad plan.

I'm concerned about your master package, agent of power feels weak, not sure I'd run that many storage annex over elder library or barrens.
44 isn't really needed.
Neither is breaking the code of you aren't seeing imbued in 50% of tables. You get an imbued prey you lose, decks do that sometimes.

If you want a more robust defense, 2-3 abbot, maybe cut 4-5 ashurs in, but aggressively leave them out. AI, DI, and 2 wrongs are all viable master options if you can justify them over forward pressure. I would run more conditioning myself, since you run 14 bleed cards, conditioning becomes more useful than govern when not bloating, since you for sure lose the card blocked or not with a govern bleed, but send 3 minions on bleeds of one and pump the not blocked one with conditioning. Also cycles on the carded bleeds of course, and if blood is an issue, there's threats Instead, and Foreshadowing Destruction.

Please note, you are obvious in your strategy quickly, and g3/4 :DOM: :FOR: gives more breathing room in this regard, obviously aiming for 5 caps and under with 5-7 vamps out and the ability to bleed for 6-7 with Daring the Dawn for a lunge oust. DBR strategies with trap+undying tenacity strategies also being supported. Additionally, limited access to nose of the hound, along with some block+rotschreck options happen with that sort of crypt for dbr. Less fast, but always an option.
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