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16 Aug 2018 00:10 #90036 by ReverendRevolver
I would reccomend making the deck more efficient by way of consistency.
There is nearly no reason to run a discipline when most of your crypt doesn't come with the desired level.
Group 4&5 nets you multiple options, including fred&ben rose, along with support cast of ruxandra, Petra, and echo with basic. Auspex without ability to bounce and willingly avoiding eyes of argus is very strange.

If you love Nos and want to win, there is the possibility of using the aforementioned :dom: crew, including a justicar. Pretend you're a bad combat deck with bounce, then lunge to dismayed sarcastic chorus of "congratulations, you've invented stealthbleed".

Or, Cock Robin is amazing. And has 2 princes in g2 that work well with him or the ones I dislike in g3 I guess.
Just the deck is all over the place, so your strategy is "get lucky" right out of the gates. Warsaw is HUGE though. I mad a bad play and blocked with Cock Robin instead of Nik once and it popped him back up for more fun.

Nos aren't bad, but they have a jumble of high cost vamps with mediocre spreads, and other clans get more mileage out of villeining valleyed up fatties.
Summary: warsaw, eyes of argus, reconsider crypt, play like 12 games until something starts happening reliably.
My first Nis deck was a Joke. Holy Cock.
Cock Robin+true faith+ crusader sword.
But it also bled/rushed with deep song, freak drive, fought with bats n crows, and blocked second trad and stsw, so they stopped laughing and thought I did it like that on purpose. But no, it just took that much playable deck to stay alive long enough to give a 10 cap that much pool in joke cards.

Have fun.

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16 Aug 2018 09:56 - 16 Aug 2018 10:02 #90045 by Bloodartist

Ellison Humboldt has a powerful special for sure, but she's going in my :OBF: :PRE: stealth-bleed deck, along with Cailean and Sundown. (I love the Nosferatu.) :P

No reason not to use her in both!

Ellison's a he .

And yes, Ellison is surprisingly strong if you want to make a Nos vote deck. The "princes cannot block Ellison" clause gets a lot of surprise mileage.

I have been fiddling with a nos vote deck myself, might be a time to revisit it.

I feel like Cock Robin has a super strong special (multi-act w/Animalism? Yes please.) but there aren't that many worth-while Animalism actions. Raven Spies, Army of Rats, Deep Song, but then what? I wish Taunt The Caged Beast would tap the vampires it forces into combat. It would be a great control card.

Underbridge stray is an option. If you want rush combat, sense death is a +1 stealth animalism rush to younger vampires.

A heretic is a man who sees with his own eyes.
—Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

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18 Aug 2018 09:34 #90083 by Klaital
Replied by Klaital on topic Nosferatu Royalty w/Auspex
In general, unless your going for something silly like Increased Strength, Aid from Bats is just better than Thrown Gate, especially with those Carrion Crows you have in there.

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18 Aug 2018 12:19 #90094 by kschaefer
Interestingly, Maris Streck and Rachel Brandywine have Animalism, titles, and superior Auspex. Since your Potence angle is weak at best, I'd suggest diversifying a little more to grab two really good vampires.

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