file Black Chantry only !Sal deck

07 Oct 2018 19:16 #91030 by Molloy
This deck uses only currently in-print cards, from no more than 2 copies of any set. Any thoughts? Suggestions? It looks kind of playable to me.

Deck Name: Just Black Chantry !Sal
Author: Molloy
Description: Uses only cards available from Black Chantry as of 7 Oct 2018

Crypt (12 cards; Capacity min=4 max=8 avg=5.833333)
1x Ariel 6 AUS FOR VAL Salubri antitribu:6
2x Pedrag Hasek 7 aus val DOM FOR PRE Ventrue:5
2x Azrael 5 for AUS VAL Salubri antitribu:6
2x Silas 5 aus dom val FOR Salubri antitribu:6
1x Lailah 4 aus VAL Salubri antitribu:6
4x Nuriel 8 cel dom AUS FOR VAL Salubri antitribu:6

Library: 60 cards

Master (8 cards)
4x Villein
2x Wider View
1x Code of Samiel
1x Dark Influences

Action (8 cards)
4x Ailing Spirit, The
4x Charge of the Buffalo

Action Modifier (4 cards)
4x Mouthpiece

Combat (19 cards)
1x Target Retainer
2x Black Beast, The
6x Blessed Blade
4x Relentless Reaper
4x Righteous Aura
2x Death Seeker

Equipment (5 cards)
1x Joumlon's Axe
4x Blade of Bellona

Reaction (16 cards)
4x Eyes of Argus
4x Faerie Wards
4x Hide the Heart
4x Steadfastness

:hosk: :ani: :chi: :for: :nec: :AUS: :cap6: Sabbat. Animals, Wraiths and Zombies Molloy recruits or employs get an additional life.

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08 Oct 2018 01:46 #91032 by ReverendRevolver
If literally all you have are BC cards, its be more viable than any CE precon, but that's not saying much.

Look, if you had 2x HttB !Salubri starter, 2 LK sets, and 1 HttB reprint bundle, you could do ok.

Brother in arms is handy. Your crypt, based on having access to all group 5&6 !Salubri could be optimized, as that grouping has the best midcaps in it. Path is good. Bloodying by the code on a brother in arms is nice. Trap and armor of caines fury has sank plenty of vamps after brother in arms with BbtC rushes, which brings me to:
Sense death at :VAL: is a super rush, at stealth.
Sense Death
[Action] Action

[Valeren] Valeren
[Animalism] Animalism

+1 stealth action.
[ani] (D) Enter combat with a younger vampire.
[val] (D) Enter combat with any minion. This acting vampire gets an optional press during this combat.
[VAL] As [val] above, and this acting vampire gets an optional maneuver during this combat.

Its also like 10cents a card on Ebay.

Lacking this is huge.

Also, you're missing out on the staples of a blocking wall deck:
Powerbase Monty, Pentex Subversion, Smiling Jack, and in this case Barranquilla is an option.
Then no telepathic misdirection hurts. Abbot would be helpful.

Easy ways to get out Righteous Aura are Eye of unforgiving heaven and of course using sword of the righteous on a weighted walking stick.
Also, tension and fame are good.

After I got my LK cards, the !salubri deck built itself. Every player will have different approaches, but it's a quite solid deck, due to its ability to be a combat wall with plenty of actions (via brothers in arms and freak drives) and access to an easy to use permanent bleed increase and access to bounce.
Building what you have with limited pool is one thing, but having the bones of a strong deck and deliberately not running the better cards is another.
As is:
Master mix is light.
Reaction needs to be Eyes, telepathic Misdirection, on the qui vive, delaying tactics, hide the heart optional.
Bowl of convergence is needed.
The previously mentioned cards are good to use, but like :for: combat here benefits from indomitability and hidden strength. Reaper is GREAT for Samedi because preventing one cycles it, but here its strictly worse that Rolling with the punches, or any of the 3 :for: cards that give a manuever or press.
As I said, if your pool is just BC stuff, I get it. I'm hoping that they put Smiling Jack, Abbot, Freak Drive, PB Monty, Pentex, and more Into the upcoming precons, because they are so vital that I have decks I can't keep built because I don't have enough copies.

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09 Oct 2018 08:24 - 09 Oct 2018 08:32 #91061 by Bloodartist
The OT deck is sort of playable, but could be hugely improved rather easily with some common cards, which could be acquired from some older precons.

Some more eyes of argus/on the qui vive and telepathic misdirection s are important. Some more auspex cards for blocking such as spirit's touch and/or my enemy's enemy would be good. The deck wants to be a wall, so more auspex. Then it should run the masters that are good if you can defend them, like pentex subversion, powerbase barranquilla , powerbase montreal , The rack etc.

The deck could ditch the dominate cards in favor of righteous auras.

Easiest way to get righteous aura active is blocking-> eye of unforgiving heaven -> Rotschreck . They must have psyche or telepathic tracking to counter this, and if they do, you can cancel one of them with death seeker. (Also using rötschreck the strikes don't resolve, so you dont need to worry about aggro to yourself)

ps. oh and fortitude cards for damage prevention
pps. Couple abbot 's are also near auto-include.

A heretic is a man who sees with his own eyes.
—Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

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