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25 Oct 2018 21:34 #91491 by Klaital
Hey everyone, here is the latest iteration of one of my favorite projects, making slave gargoyles work! Chaundice is obviously the main vampire here, who will stand watch as the !tremere do stuff, and steps in if they get blocked, between monster and bond with the mountains, she should be able to do it several times a turn when needed. And also get tooled up along the way with various permanents to augment her built-in 4 prevent so she should not take too much damage in combat, while grinding your prey down with the constant camera phone bleeds from the !Tremere.Any thoughts or suggestions from people are welcome! :)

Crypt: (12)

4 x Chaundice (G4)
1 x Alejandro Aguirre (G3)
1 x Ember Wright (G3)
1 x Frondator (G4)
1 x Janine (G4)
1 x Keith Moody (G4)
1 x Lectora (G4)
1 x Mosfair (G4)
1 x Saiz (G3)

Library: (90)
Master: (11)

4 x Blood Doll
2 x The Path of Service
1 x Monster
1 x Powerbase: Barranquilla
1 x Powerbase: Montreal
1 x The Rack
1 x University Hunting Ground

Action: (11)

3 x Armor of Terra
2 x Ablative Skin
2 x Defender of the Haven
2 x Soul of the Earth
1 x Heroic Might
1 x Preternatural Strength

Retainer: (5)

4 x Razor Bat
1 x Stone Dog

Equipment: (5)

5 x Camera Phone

Action Modifier: (5)

5 x As the Crow

Combat: (38)

11 x Crawling Chamber
8 x Bond with the Mountain
8 x Stone Quills
7 x Thrown Sewer Lid
3 x Taste of Vitae
1 x Roll

Reaction: (15)

6 x Voices of the Castle
5 x Their Master's Voice
2 x Forced Awakening
2 x On the Qui Vive

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