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19 Jan 2019 22:32 #93029 by Klaital
Replied by Klaital on topic my first non-proxy decks
Ventrue Law Firm is a very solid deck type, but, you cannot really make a good version with just the cards from the black chantry products. It is missing several very key cards, here are the most important ones from the library:

Parity Shift
Freak Drive
Change of Target
Voter Captivation
Daring the Dawn
2nd Tradition (debatable)

The crypt is also missing some. Now you can make a solid Ventrue lawfirm from any group pairing except 2-3. Group 1-2 is my personal favorite because it has by far the lowest averrage capacity and thus allows you to get much more minions out, which is key since the way Ventrue Lawfirm wins is by doing more actions than people can block, Majesty, Change of Target, and Freak Drive all help with this, but obviously having more actions per turn baseline is a major help also. However, seeing you are going with group 4-5, which is imo the second best grouping, you are missing couple very important vampires, namely Victor Pelletier (aka mr parity shift), and Mustafa the Heir (and Mukhtar Bey is not bad either but he is optional).

With that said, your current crypt is very sub-optimal. You either want several copies of Mary so you are very likely to get her to starting crypt, or cut her entirely, as you need to bring her out first for her to be worth the 10 pool investment. Gotsdam is completely pointless in this deck, being 9 cap without a title, also the 2 caps are a liability because in most games they will just get blown up by Scourge of the Enochians.The library looks fairly reasonable with what you have to work with, although you need more than 60 cards, the whole point of lawfirm is to do more actions than people can block, and that makes you plow through cards really fast.

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20 Jan 2019 13:53 #93033 by Mewcat
Replied by Mewcat on topic my first non-proxy decks
I'm not sure what cards are black chantry printed so I'll keep it simple.

More titled minions.
More majesty.
Less bleed.

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20 Jan 2019 20:53 #93036 by Molloy
Replied by Molloy on topic my first non-proxy decks
The deck looks very playable. I mostly concur with other commenters, specifically:

Remove the untitled mid-cap vampires and probably the 2- and 3-caps, too, then either double (or triple?) up Graham and Victor, or go 4x Mary Anne. Either way, Wider View is a good idea, and if you go with 4x Mary Anne, Zillah's Valley and the Info Highway.

Add more Majesty since it's both for pushing actions and for combat defense.

Keep the Govern, lose the Enchant. More Villein, less Vessel. I'd bump Qui Vive and Deflection up to 5x, and KRC up to 9x.

:hosk: :ani: :chi: :for: :nec: :AUS: :cap6: Sabbat. Animals, Wraiths and Zombies Molloy recruits or employs get an additional life.

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17 Mar 2019 11:34 - 17 Mar 2019 11:39 #94106 by Prince Heinrich
heyas. so i have updated a bit. i now have more cards. i shall try building a !salubri deck since they are my favourite clan. the following is my idea:

1 x Silas
2 x Ariel
2 x Azrael
2 x Michaela
4 x Nuriel
1 x Qawiyya El Ghaduba

Library (80 cards):

Master (14, thats a lot but 7 of them are trifle)
3 x Villein
3 x Vessel
2 x Code of Samiel
1 x The Rack
1 x Jake Washington
1 x KRCG news radio
1 x Smiling Jack
1 x Fame
1 x Wash

Event (1):

Equipment (10; thats a lot but i think they are important on how i want the deck to work)
1 x Heart of Nizchetus
1 x Bowl of Convergence
1 x Joumlon's Axe
7 x Blade of Bellona

Combat (27):
4 x Concealed Weapon
6 x Blessed Blade
4 x Indomitability
2 x Armor of Caine's Fury
4 x Death Seeker
3 x Telepathic Tracking
4 x Righteous Aura

Reactions (26)
8 x Eyes of Argus
6 x Telepathic Misdirection
6 x Enhanced Senses
2 x Eagle's Sight
4 x On the Qui Vive

Allies (2 )
1 x Carlton Van Wyck (additional permacept)
1 x Gregori Winter (situational, but "when it works it works". another subtle use is to burn out intercept to equip weapons easier)

i think i have a better idea of what i want to do with the deck this time: namely, block actions and torporise minions. at some point i am to draw either the fame, smiling jack, dragonbound or the 4 x permableed modifiers to hurt my prey.

obviously Nuriel is pivotal, and pentex subversion kinda scares me here, but i shall try to find a good ratio of master cards/wash/sudden reversal (i dont have Pentex myself). but its not like michaela , qawiyya and ariel cant fight in his stead ofc.
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17 Mar 2019 14:59 - 17 Mar 2019 15:09 #94108 by Kraus
Replied by Kraus on topic my first non-proxy decks
This is excellent.

I'd diversify your reaction module a bit, since you cannot play more than 1 copy of a reaction each action - even if they are cancelled by a DI! The BCP lots include Wakes with Evening Freshness and/or Forced Awakening, don't they? I'd add singles of those instead of other wakes so that a simple cancel won't wreck your set.

Same with intercept. Precognition and Spirit's Touch are both great singletons instead of 6 Enhanced Senses. +2 'cept for one card is strong though, so I can understand if you're inclined to go that way.

Which set has Indomitability, or do you have other boxes than BCP?

Don't worry about Pentex, really. It's not like you'll be playing with only one vampire, and you can bounce to your heart's content even in Pentex. It's not a card that'll ruin your game. :)

Qawiyya is an excellent vampire, and I think you could consider doubling up with her.

Consider Channel 10 instead of or as an addition to KRCG. It's so, so good.

"Oh, to the Hades with the manners! He's a complete bastard, and calling him that insults bastards everywhere!"
-Nalia De-Arnise
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