file Deck building challenge: Qudir ul-Ghani + Sacrifice

03 Jun 2022 07:41 - 03 Jun 2022 07:44 #105377 by Whisker
Here is a deck idea that has been long in making.

Sacrifice; a mini-PTO for Sabbat. Burn a 6 cap or lower vampire controlled by any methuselah. Pretty powerful card if not for the restrictions that made it almost unusable. You need a sabbat vampire of cap 8+ of your own and target must be of the same clan.

Qadir ul-Ghani; 9 cap Assamite (or Banu Haqim for you newer folks) with +1 bleed and nifty special to change his clan.

Previously you could use these in combination by changing Qadir to target’s clan and then next turn make him Sabbat with Into the Fire (if target clan was non-Sabbat). Repeat this for each target. This was slow and not very effective, something you would do just for giggles.

Now that clans no longer have default sect and it’s enough to turn sabbat only once, it has entered from realm of pure jank to something semi-viable… maybe.

My original draft included:
• Cavalier + Mylan to give Qadir the much-needed multi-act.
• Regent + Powerbase: Madrid for easy source of votes
• Under siege + Abbot for defence.

The problem is this deck has so many ways it could go from there, that this demented old methuselah has difficulty of choosing one path. A few options that come to mind:
• Pure Assamite with Loss bleed, Alamut and Priority contract.
• Nec support to take advantage of all those burned vampires with Daemonic Possession
• Baali + Barren to widen the range of possible targets.

Thus, I turn to you my fellow ancients. Build a deck featuring Sacrifice and Qadir that works reliable enough to be considered a table threat. Entries with no Qadir, but titled Sabbat and Clan Impersonate instead are accepted also. Worthy candidates need to be able to burn at least 3 vampires with sacrifice.
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03 Jun 2022 10:06 - 03 Jun 2022 10:10 #105380 by KoRneeshon
Wicked idea. Barrenness seems like a must-have for me, cap <7 is just too low limit, so I'd go this way.

EDIT: How about Wormwood and multiple Gehenna cards?
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03 Jun 2022 10:46 #105381 by Whisker
Does not work as you need to be 8+ capacity yourself to call Sacrifice.

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03 Jun 2022 12:08 - 03 Jun 2022 13:04 #105382 by elotar
I think the use of !Malkavians with Derange is better if you want to play Sacrifice.

There are already titled sabbat vampires, Malkavian Derangement: Paranoia and a serious chance, that Sacrifice will work as is as !malks are quite popular.

And Midget can learn Maleficia :lol:

After some thought it seems to be better just to play camarilla malks with Malkavian Dementia :(

:splat: NC Russia
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