file Online league: Deflection league 2023-start 26. nov 2023

17 Dec 2023 10:39 - 17 Dec 2023 10:40 #110092 by angrynewb
Finals will be live streamed today 21:00 CET:

Can Lauri maintain his unbeaten record in the finals?
Will Mark upset the Europeans and lead the US to victory?
Is Martin bringing out his renowned Stanislava deck?

Let's find out on December 17th at 21:00 CET. (english) (spain)
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19 Dec 2023 19:05 #110125 by angrynewb
Final Report Deflection Online League 2023:

Aitor Candelas 1GW5VP (Spain) ->
Lauri Salmi 2GW8.5VP (Finland) ->
Carlos Eduardo Plaza 1GW5VP (Spain) ->
Martin Weinmayer 1GW4VP (Austria) ->
Mark Jasper 1GW4VP (USA) ->

Winner Martin Weinmayer with 1.5VP in the finals.

The event's multideck format prevented any deck knowledge prior revealing our three crypt cards.
Mark and I were prepared to take advantage of the scenario by selecting decks that the other players would wrongly recognise as combat.
Naturally, the top players sought to avoid us, and as a result, I ended up with the ideal prey in the form of Marks Vote deck..

The game began with the Gangrel Block Deck attempting to persuade me that leaving his smiling jack on the table was a good idea. I had to strongly disagree, and we managed to remove it from the table with a well-played Direct Intervention from Lauri on his protection racket.
Lauris Deck was virtually dead from the start, having shuffled all of his 5 Anarch converts on top of his crypt and then followed up with an 8 cap vampire.
With an early Alamut, I had the vote lock on Mark, leaving him with little options. I agreed to some of his votes that were harmful to both his prey and my predator.
Despite having an excellent vote setup to collapse the entire table, I had to rethink my plans because I couldn't pass the heavy blocks from my Gangrel predator.
After cycling all of my votes, I became stuck on mastercards, resulting in a slow and painful game in which I defeated Mark with only a few minutes remaining on the clock.
Otherwise, the gangrel had already built up to 5 vampires with a smiling jack on 3 pool, so I'm not sure if I'd win the final..

Interesting facts:
1) The final was only 10 turns long. A typical final has 13-14 turns.
2) Lauri managed to never get ousted during the whole event. Even when losing the final, he left with 0.5 vp standing.
3) Aitor had his Enkil Cog denied twice by Direct Intervention, which most likely cost him the final.
4) The day prior, Carlos had won another event with the same Gangrel Block deck.
5) About eighty players watched us on thank you for tuning in. For upcoming events, we'll work on improving the stream.
you can rewatch the final at (english) and (spain)

You can view the entire online rankings on

Thanks Igor Beslin for the Organisation and Antti Penttilä for judging the finals.
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