file TWD: Das finde ich nicht in Ordnung

06 Apr 2011 06:21 #3166 by Jussi

I still have some problems figuring out how this deck really works. Yes, the four vampires have reasonable to good special abilities. But the ousting power seems rather limited, and the defenses against combat or vote seem not that good.

Or it just needs a good player to make it work?

I'd say, that Saulot's +1 bleed (which becomes +2 with enkil cong), Nergal's or Great Beast's +3 bleed is sufficient enough to oust. Delivery mechanism of the deck seems to rely on block denial. Ousting is likely more or less opportunistic.

!bruj! :CEL: :POT: :PRE: :cap6:
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10 Apr 2011 17:42 #3298 by protean
Nice deck. :)

I've been meaning to play a Saulot deck for ages but finally used this one as an excuse. I like the monstrous pool gain possibilities but I ran into a couple of problems in my games.

I 1st game I didn't Zillah or Info Highways and got whacked for 10 by a ZIllah/Parity Nosferatu deck before my first minion got out. Needless to say I didn't get very far in that game. The 2nd game I had a Daughters bloater that kept gaining pool even though I successfully bled for 5 every turn before I was ousted (or got a Great Beast for more forward pressure).

Aside from a couple of playing mistakes, I guess I was just unlucky in my seating. :)


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