file Report German ECQ in Darmstadt on April, 30th 2011

01 May 2011 17:50 #3995 by Hakuron
The "Nights of Aching Beauty" saw 21 players finghting in good mood and spirit for the "tickets" to Warsaw. A list of the different decks played can be found here:

After 3 rounds the seating was chosen as follows:
Alexander Tüschen (Toreador G3/4 Aching Beauty Bleed) => Erol Hammer (!Malkavian S&B with Black Hand Tech) => Rudolf Garski (!Ventrue Grinder) => Joscha Düll (Brujah G4/5 Alastor & Parity Shift) => Manuel Diehm (Euro Brujah)

Finally, Manuel won after battles waging to and fro - his first tournament win in his third tournament ever. Congratulations!!

The TWD is already posted, I hope a report by the winner will be made soon.


National Coordinator Germany
nc [dot] germany [at] magenta [dot] de

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02 May 2011 17:02 #4019 by Hakuron

TWD was also reported here:

Correct, of course.

Would you please be so kind to change the name of the tournament in your tournament list to "Nights of Aching Beauty"? German ECQ was just the "function" of it.

Thanks :)


National Coordinator Germany
nc [dot] germany [at] magenta [dot] de

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03 May 2011 16:21 #4092 by Hakuron
Thanks a lot! B)

Now here the tournament report, written by the winner Manuel Diehm:

Tournament report
GECQ 2011 Darmstadt - Nights of Aching Beauty

Alexander (G3/4 Aching Beauty) -> Erol (Black Hand !Malk S&B ) -> Rudolf
(!Ventrue Grinder) -> Joscha (Brujah G4/5 Alastor) -> Manuel (Euro Brujah)

Erol's Deck:
Rudolf's Deck:
My Deck:
My Starting Crypt: 2x Volker, 1x Anvil, 1x Donnal O'Connor

EARLY GAME. The beginning was rather slow, Erol, Rudolf and Joscha split
their transfers to multiple minions. Alexander is first to get a minion out (Barth).
Both Joscha and I discard "New Carthage", not willing to spend the three pool and
equally helping our prey respective predator. I bring out Donnal first, who gets a
"Pentex" from Alexander. Alexander bleeds Erol with "Aire of Elation" and promptly
looses Barth to an "Archon Investigation". Erol destroys the "Pentex".

MID GAME. Erol starts bleeding Rudolf with "Kindred Spirits", who bounces
bleeds to Alexander ["My Enemies Enemy"], (who cannot block or bounce it, and
is quite low on pool) and Joscha. Joscha starts with "Dmitra" and "Tara" and
the "Monastery of Shadows". His first actions are "Preternatural strength" and
"Heroic Might" followed by Dmitra's special vote to regain the invested
blood. Here the first heated negotiation ensued: Joscha had 5 votes [Dmitra
and Tara] on the table and I had 5 [Donnal, Volker and Anvil], but Alexander
had Katelyn Nadasdy, whose special allows her to cancel the votes of any non
acting vampire, so she could tip the balance. Joscha promised Alexander a
Blood from the vote, but Rudolf offered a blood through "Owain Evans" special
and I, having drawn no "Govern" yet, agreed not to bleed Alexander this turn,
if he cancels Tara's votes and so the referendum failed. A turn later, the
balance between Rudolf and Joscha was broken by Rudolf succesfully luring
Joscha to allow him a "Govern" down "only for pool gain", which resulted in
Rudolf's third minion. At this point, Joscha was down to about 10 pool and
begged Erol not to bleed, fearing a bounce from Rudolf. Erol bled nevertheless
and was promptly bounced to Joscha, who took the damage of 3 pool. Following
this, Rudolf with three minions could oust Joscha, who had only one ST:D to

LATE GAME. I was also down to about 10 pool and Rudolf tried to use his forward
momentum, brought out his fourth minion ("Lana Butcher") and used the "Anarch
troublemaker" on me next turn to start an all out bleed attack. After eating
two bleeds for 3, I used my sole "ST:D" to block his third bleed. During the
combat I luckily drew another "ST:D", which allowed blocking his fourth bleed
and sending a minion to torpor. On my turn I used a superior "Govern" with
Donnal to stabilize my pool and Volker diablerized Rudolfs minion and got
a Dominate skill card. At this point I was lucky drawing another "ST:D" and a
"Deflection". With this I was able to survive the next turn until Rudolf, who
had gone all offense, was ousted by Erol. Sometime in between, Rudolf saved
another of Alexander's Minion from an "Archon Investigation" with a "Wash".
Defending against Rudolf, I had drawn some lucky master cards, including a
"Lillith's Blessing" and a "Dreams", which provided me with the blood and the
cards I needed to oust Alexander with the help of (Rudolf's) "Anarch
troublemaker". In the heads-up I was lucky to survive Erols bleeds, who was low
on stealth and could not overcome the "ST:D" intercept (even on undirected
actions). On my turn, I played a "Tension in the ranks" and the "Dreams" again
provided a "Govern" which, together with a "Conditioning", was sufficient to
oust Erol, who was all tapped out.

It was a little sad, that no Aching Beauty hit the final table on these fabulous Nights of Aching Beauty...

Many thanks to all participants for this great tournament and especially to Rudolf for making it happen.

National Coordinator Germany
nc [dot] germany [at] magenta [dot] de

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