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24 Mar 2013 12:33 #46238 by palomar
Malmö, Sweden

Tournament name: Malmö/Copenhagen Tournament XI
10 players
3 rounds + final

Deck Name: Magic Cocktail
Author: Sebastian Fredenberg

Crypt (12 cards; Capacity min=3 max=5 avg=3.83)
4x Antonio d'Erlette 5 dom for pot THA !Tremere:4
2x Béatrice Oracle171 Tremblay 3 inn ven Innocent:4
1x Ember Wright 3 aus dom !Tremere:3
1x Janine 4 aus dom tha !Tremere:4
1x Keith Moody 3 DOM !Tremere:4
1x Lectora 3 aus tha !Tremere:4
1x Mosfair 4 cel dom tha !Tremere:4
1x Saiz 3 aus dom !Tremere:3

Library (77 cards)
Master (16)
4x Blood Doll
2x Direct Intervention
2x Dreams of the Sphinx
1x Haven Uncovered
1x Hungry Coyote, The
1x KRCG News Radio
1x Mundane
1x Pentex(TM) Subversion
1x WMRH Talk Radio
2x Wash

Event (3)
1x FBI Special Affairs Division
2x Unmasking, The

Conviction (3)
1x React with Conviction
1x Second Sight
1x Strike with Conviction

Action (8)
1x Aranthebes, The Immortal
2x Bum's Rush
3x Computer Hacking
2x Harass

Equipment (1)
1x Heart of Nizchetus

Ally (11)
8x Nephandus (Mage)
1x Ossian
2x Vagabond Mystic

Action Modifier (9)
1x Conditioning
3x Empowering the Puppet King
1x Leverage
4x Mirror Walk

Reaction (9)
4x Deflection
1x Delaying Tactics
3x On the Qui Vive
1x Poison Pill

Combat (17)
2x Fake Out
3x Glancing Blow
4x Molotov Cocktail
4x Target Vitals
4x Trap

VEKN Prince of Malmö, Sweden. Prince #815
The following user(s) said Thank You: Adonai, Ashur

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