file TWD - ITA Qualifier Tour 2011: 6th stage, Udine (14th may 2011 - Tremere)

31 May 2011 08:18 #4796 by er-principe
ITA Qualifier Tour 2011 - 6th stage, Udine (Tremere)
Udine, Italy
May 14th, 2011
25 players
Winner: Alessandro Giogoli

Deck Name : Guruhi
Created By: Alessandro Giogoli
Description: Guruhi combat

Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 25, Max: 40, Avg: 8,16)
2x Batsheva (ADV) abt pot ANI PRE6 Guruhi
2x Eze aus ANI NEC POT PRE THA11 Guruhi
1x Fish pre ANI POT 5 Guruhi
1x Iniko cel ANI OBT POT PRE9 Guruhi
2x Nana Buruku ANI POT PRE 8 Guruhi
2x Nangila Were obf ser ANI POT PRE9 Guruhi
2x Sobayifa aus pot pro spi ANI PRE8 Guruhi

Library: (90 cards)
Master (21 cards)
1x Ancestor Spirit
2x Archon Investigation
1x Fame
1x Giant`s Blood
7x Grooming the Protege
1x Mundane
1x Palace Hunting Ground
1x Powerbase: Montreal
1x Two Wrongs
5x Villein

Action (24 cards)
10x Deep Song
7x Founders of the Ebony Kingdom
2x No Secrets From the Magaji
3x Tier of Souls
2x Well-Marked

Reaction (16 cards)
3x Cats` Guidance
3x Delaying Tactics
3x Familial Bond
2x Guard Dogs
2x Rat`s Warning
3x Sense the Savage Way

Combat (23 cards)
9x Aid from Bats
1x Canine Horde
9x Carrion Crows
4x Terror Frenzy

Retainer (5 cards)
4x Murder of Crows
1x Shaman

Combo (1 cards)
1x Guruhi Kholo

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