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22 May 2013 20:53 #48962 by Adonai

Event is submitted and in the calendar.

Now the calendar doesn't match the report.
Which one is correct?

Report: National Championship on the 11th
Calendar: National Championship on the 12th

Also, who were the 5 finalists that qualify for the EC/AC/NAC/SAC ?

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23 May 2013 16:06 #49023 by Hakuron
I am neither one of the organisers nor the Danish NC, but I can answer the questions:

The Danish National Championship 2013 was held Saturday, 11th of May 2013.

The finalists were:
Rudolf Garski
Jesper Bøje
Sebastian Fredenberg
Nikolaj Wendt
Nikolaj Vang


National Coordinator Germany
nc [dot] germany [at] magenta [dot] de
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29 May 2013 14:50 #49243 by Jesper

Of course, Jesper was in trouble right from the start.

Well I will say that wasent how I saw it, I was quite happy for the start of game. A Merged Nergal with an Enkil Cog, Soul Gem, 11 cap and a Beast in the hand. It was all going well, all to well in fact, which also led to this:

But maybe he left out a big chance for him, when he decided not to choose a vampire when I successfully played Reins of Power. I think he hoped in return for help by Sebastian in case he needed it.

If this wasent a final table I would have given Nikolaj the damage and try to take at least the one VP here. I could have blasted through him in a heart beat, but I needed him. I needed him to soften you and to stay in the game for some more time at that point.

I know my deck really well, know its strengths and its weaknesses and in a final table I know that I need some help at some point. If I already when that point comes up have one VP so much less of a chance to get it.

I do belive that if Sebastian would have been able to help me with the Pentex in the later game, I would have had a real go chance to first take Nikolaj down at that point and then you.

Well it was a gamble and Im not sure what was the right play to do, but Iv been in similar situations before and going all in for the kill so soon still havent gotten me a tournement win with the deck and here was a chance to do something else. :o)


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01 Jun 2013 18:51 #49358 by Hakuron
I did not intend to talk bad about your deck and your chances, Jesper! :)

But a Rush Deck as Predator is at least not the perfect table situation for a deck like the Nergal turbo ... And, of course, I did not remember all details of the finals when writing my report, e.g. I forgot the 2 Banishments on Nikolaj W.'s vampires, which gave me a decisive round to recover ... ;)

It was a VERY tough final table! B-)


National Coordinator Germany
nc [dot] germany [at] magenta [dot] de

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