file (TWD) Inflammable means Flammable?

07 Jun 2011 06:02 #4929 by shade
Inflammable Means Flammable?
Good Games, Melbourne
Sunday 29th May 2011
12 Players
2R + F

As ever, Disco Stu comes up with the best tournament names which in this case is also an example of why those that have to learn English as a second language are often confused! This was an extra tournament for the weekend after the main event, The Vics, was played on the Saturday and so a few players were a little tired on Sunday but there were some good games all round. So close to having two Kiwis on the final table as well, how good would that have been ;-)

The final consisted of

Simon Reed (Nos Princes) -> Stu Jacques (Assamite vote with foul blood) -> Justin Shearer (Daughters vote) -> Richard Aumann (Ahrimanes toolbox) -> Ivor Blakey (Unnamed Bleed)

The final started all action with Rich bleeding into Ivor and Simon able to build up with no intercept left or right. Pretty quickly Stu was in trouble and Ivor was wobbling, not being helped by Simon refusing to block anything he did and sending a parity shift backwards when Stu was out of range and killing his stolen High Top with carrion crows. Justin was searching desperately through his deck for a conductor and making little daughters and passing a few con boons with Simon's help. Simon eventually gets Stu and then things really grind for like ages. Justin finally finds a conductor but Simon has been holding a sudden and cancels it. Rich loses The Siamese to an Archon, Ivor is bleeding away but blood dolls, fifth traditions, and con boons mean Simon has loads of pool. Eventually Simon ousts Justin but then runs out of deck allowing Ivor to get him. However there is almost no time left but just long enough for Rich to score a moral victory by sending the Unamed to Torpor with high top dodging and hitting for 1 for about 4 rounds!

Final result Simon 2VP, Ivor 1.5, Rich 0.5 and hopefully the last time we play a 2 hour final that isn't a Nationals.

Simon Reed's tournament winning deck with 2VP in the final.

Deck Name : Nos Princes
Author : Simon Reed
Description : My take on the classic nos princes.

Crypt [12 vampires] Capacity min: 2 max: 9 average: 6.33333

4x Casino Reeds 9 ANI OBF POT cel dem prince Nosferatu:3
2x Nikolaus Vermeulen 7 POT ani for obf prince Nosferatu:2
2x Calebros, The Mart 5 ANI obf pot prince Nosferatu:2
1x Jara Drory 7 ANI OBF aus pot primogen Nosferatu:3
1x Laurent de Valois 4 ani dom obf Nosferatu:2
1x Darva Felispa 3 ani pot Nosferatu:3
1x Krid 2 obf Nosferatu:3

Library [90 cards]

Action [18]
5x Blood Hunt
5x Fifth Tradition: Hospitality
2x Fourth Tradition: The Accounting
6x Third Tradition: Progeny

Action Modifier [12]
2x Elder Impersonation
2x Forgotten Labyrinth
4x Lost in Crowds
2x Spying Mission
2x Veil the Legions

Action Modifier/Combat [4]
4x Swallowed by the Night

Combat [17]
9x Aid from Bats
8x Carrion Crows

Equipment [2]
2x Camera Phone

Master [16]
3x Animalism
2x Blood Doll
2x Fame
2x Labyrinth, The
1x Sudden Reversal
4x Vessel
1x Warsaw Station
1x Wider View

Political Action [13]
3x Anathema
4x Consanguineous Boon
2x Nosferatu Justicar
4x Parity Shift

Reaction [8]
8x Second Tradition: Domain

Crafted with : Anarch Revolt Deck Builder. [Tue Jun 07 19:26:04 2011]

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16 Jun 2011 20:54 #5231 by Disco_Stu
I should say that it was Steve H who provided the necessary inspiration for the tournament name... that man loves his Simpsons quotes! And, it rolled off the tongue a little better than Vampire: Strictly A Comfort Thing.


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