file TWD and Report - Portuguese Continental Qualifier - May, 21st 2011

14 Jun 2011 12:32 #5124 by Brum
Long overdue report of the Portuguese Continental Qualifier for 2011.
18 Players gathered at Ilusão Paralela for what is traditionally the biggest tournament in Portugal.
The bar is very well located and the owner is a big WoD fan. It is becoming an important spot for nightly gaming, specially boardgames. And VtES. ;)
Despite our best efforts, only one player came from outside of the Lisbon area, maybe due to the economic depression.
We had four new players at the tournament, so all of them took home one of the Clan Packs we had for the Neonates.
All players from the Almada group decided to come with pure combat decks and since there were six of them, the tables where we had more then of them were pretty hard on everyone else.
Specialy because the new players aren't experienced enough to decide what to do cross table and on the other hand, most of the non-combat decks didn't do well against focused combat.
Four of them reached the Final, because José (playing Anneke and friends wall) had to leave, so he DQ'ed.
I managed to get a Game Win in the first round and that was enough to be the outsider in the Final.
I'll put the pictures up on Facebook and post the public link here sometime this week.

Me (Boys Will Find Inner Peace)
Marco Fernandes (Tup Dogs)
Nuno Moure (Hardestadt pure rush)
Igor Pereira (Weenie Celerity with Sticks I)
Luis Santos (Weenie Celerity with Sticks II)

I really never had a chance. Managed to get Huitzilopochtli (praying for Unleash Hell's Fury, Jake Washington, Majesty and lots of recursion), but got immediatly back rushed by a Tup Dog. No torpor, but got enough blood out of Huitzy for Villein to lose interest.
Igor and Luis negotiated who got Jimmy Dunn and who got Parmenides. Nuno took a while to bring Hardestadt up (maybe afraid a Tup Dog would end his day), so Igor didn't get much pressure at first. Still, Igor and Luís were afraid of mutual destruction and took it slow.
I started to get bled constantly with 3 or 4 weenies or rushed. Luis was also the only player at the table with Suddens and 2 or 3 slowed my game even more.
When Huitzy was torporised he met Golconda and I bought a few more turns.
Meanwhile, Hardestadt and his weenie for/por/pro friends where starting to put Igor into trouble. I played Scourge of the Enochians and burned a Carter of my Predator. He chose not burn any of Igor's weenies.
Since I was beyond the point of caring if the table would turn on me, I got Leandro to hurt my Tup Dog Prey. Leandro was torporised and my dear ally, Nuno Moure, Grave Robbed him.
Nuno's forward momentum wasn't enough to stop Igor from ousting Luís and me. With more maneuvers than the remaining two combat decks, Igor could pick his fights and got the other VP's as well.

Special thanks to all the players attending and hope to see you all very soon.
Sorry for the delay in the Report, but I've been incredibly busy.

Qualified Players:
Igor Pereira
Tiago Brum
Marco Fernandes
Nuno Moure
Luis Santos
Zé Couves(Judge)

Here is the winner's deck:
Deckname: Weenie Celerity Sticks
Created by: Melkor Florindo
Played by: Igor Pereira

Vampire (12) [Min: 7 Max: 16 Avg: 3,08]
1 Antoinette DuChamp cel pre 1 Camarilla
1 Carter cel 2 Sabbat
1 Jesús Alcalá cel 2 Sabbat.
2 Jimmy Dunn for CEL POT 4 Sabbat
1 Kanya Akhtar cel 2 Independent
2 Parmenides qui CEL 4 Independent
2 Sarah Brando CEL 3 Sabbat
1 Scarlet Carson O'Toole pro CEL 4 Sabbat.
1 Victor Tolliver pot CEL 4 Sabbat

Master (13)
6 Ashur Tablets
4 Celerity [cel]
3 Tribute to the Master

Action (12)
12 Bum's Rush

Combat (64)
4 Flash Celerity
6 Glancing Blow
12 Psyche! Celerity
4 Pulled Fangs
9 Pursuit Celerity
6 Side Strike Celerity
5 Sideslip Celerity
8 Taste of Vitae
10 Weighted Walking Stick
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15 Jun 2011 05:31 #5156 by Lönkka
Good stuff.
Finland approves such high intensity combate environment!

Finnish :POT: Politics!

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16 Jun 2011 14:16 #5220 by Kushiel
I want to take this opportunity to swallow what little pride I have left and tell Juggernaut that he was right, and I was wrong, about gunless weenie CEL being a tournament-viable deck. :P

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16 Jun 2011 19:22 #5230 by Brum
Not by itself.
That decks has been in tournaments before and didn't win.
The difference now was the number of other combat decks.

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