file Report: The Rosery, Darmstadt (19.06.11)

25 Jun 2011 10:24 #5451 by Hakuron
Alas, five players were enough to let the tournament happen, though atmosphere was elsewhere because every participant would reach the finals. Therefor it was kind of non-casual deck-testing.

The seating in the finals was the following:
Ralf W. (G2 Samedi w Corpses) => Alexander T. (Tremere/!Tremere Toolbox Wall) => Jan S. (Malk 94 w friends) => Manuel D. (Anarchs w dom & for & pot) => Rudolf G. (Gerald Windham)

The game came soon to and end: Neither Manuel's nor Rudolf's nor Ralf's Deck worked as intended, so Jan could stealth-bleed through all of them. Alexander's Tremere/!Tremere finally stopped Jan's Malks dead.

Final Rank Name Prelim GWs Prelim VPs Final VPs
1 Jan S. 0 0 3
2 Alexander T. 1 4,5 2
2 Manuel D. 1 3,5 0
2 Rudolf G. 0 1 0
2 Ralf W. 0 0 0


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