file Wednesday Week of Nightmares Daytime Tournament (TWD)

26 Jun 2011 21:42 #5478 by Adonai
Wednesday Week of Nightmares Daytime Tournament
Columbus, Ohio
June 22, 2011
23 players
2R + F

Pascal Bertrand's Tournament Winning Deck

Deck Name: Faust's Game :tzim:
Author: floppyzedolfin
Notes: Probably missing 1 Smiling Jack or 1 Pentex Subversion or 1 Delaying Tactics.

Crypt [12 vampires] Capacity min: 2 max: 7 average: 4.83333
2x Caliban 6 :ANI: :AUS: :VIC: G:2
2x Corine Marcon 6 :AUS: :VIC: :ani: G:2
1x Kazimir Savostin 7 :AUS: :VIC: :ani: :pot: G:3
1x Ana Rita Montana 5 :VIC: :aus: :dom: :obf: G:3
1x Devin Bisley 5 :ANI: :AUS: :vic: G:2
1x Elizabeth Westcott 5 :AUS: :ani: :cel: :vic: G:3
1x Lolita Houston 4 :VIC: :aus: G:2
1x Terrence 4 :ani: :aus: :vic: G:2
1x Horatio 2 :vic: G:2
1x Piotr Andreikov 2 :aus: G:3

Library [89 cards]
Action [8]
3x Abbot
1x Army of Rats
4x Fiendish Tongue

Action Modifier [6]
6x Changeling

Action Modifier/Combat [5]
5x Plasmic Form

Ally [2]
2x War Ghoul

Combat [22]
6x Breath of the Dragon
9x Chiropteran Marauder
5x Inner Essence
2x Telepathic Tracking

Equipment [2]
1x Bowl of Convergence
1x Living Manse

Master [16]
3x Blood Doll
1x Direct Intervention
1x Erciyes Fragments, The
1x Fame
1x Library Hunting Ground
1x Powerbase: Montreal
1x Rack, The
3x Rotschreck
1x Smiling Jack, The Anarch
3x Vessel

Reaction [22]
4x Eagle's Sight
3x Enhanced Senses
4x Forced Awakening
2x On the Qui Vive
2x Precognition
2x Read the Winds
5x Telepathic Misdirection

Retainer [6]
2x Corpse Balloon
1x Mr. Winthrop
3x Revenant

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