times EC day 2 oct 5th Mannheim - transcript of final + TWD

06 Oct 2014 09:10 - 11 Oct 2014 15:19 #66055 by Stone
Below is a transcript of the final + decklist. Thread was edited to remove some typos + other stuff. it's not exhaustive but should give a feel of what the final was. I wish I had 5 minions to type what was in the hands of the players, but it's better than nothing.

decklists of the other finalists would be welcome, if they can spare the efforts before going to sleep for a week after this very nice and very exhausting week-end.

Many thanks to all the organizers for this great event, especially to Andreas and Johannes.

EC Day 2 Final - oct 5th 2014, Mannheim
1st Martin
2nd Arnaud
3rd Erol
4th Nicola
5th Ruben

Nicola -> Ruben
Nicola -> Erol -> Ruben
Nicola -> Erol -> Arnaud -> Ruben
Nicola -> Erol -> Arnaud -> Martin -> Ruben

Ruben goes first (2 on d20)

Turn 1 (2h left)

Ruben : influences March Halcyon. Ruben (29). disc. KRC
Nicola : Jake Washington. influences 2. Nicola (28). disc. Shambling
Erol : Dreams Sphinx. uses for xfer. xfer 3 on same. Erol (26). no disc.
Arnaud : influences 2 and 2. no disc. Arnaud (26)
Martin : xfer 4. Martin (26) disc Govern.

Turn 2 (1h57 left)

Ruben : contests Jake. March bleed for 1. gets Huang, Christine Boscatti ( 2 cap) out, influences 1. Ruben (25)
Nicola : pays contest. Gets Rudolfo out. xfer 3. disc Sudario. Nicola (22)
Erol : gets Lodin out, doesnt use Dreams, disc Deflection. Erol (22)
Arnaud : gets Corine Marcon out. Arnaud (22)
Martin : xfer 4. Martin (22)

Turn 3 (1h55 left)

Ruben : get pool from edge, pays for contest of Jake. plays Coven. discussion on vote with Erol. Huang calls conservative . Rudolfo blocks with Spectral divination. Change of Target. Huang Recruits Carlton, not blocked. March calls Conservative , no block . 4 on Nicola, 1 on Martin. Passes. Christine makes Embrace. no block, Embrace hunts. Uses Coven on Christine. Pays 1 to see 1. Disc. Last Stand. Ruben (22). Coven goes to Martin.
Nicola : (I guess yielded Jake) asks Erol for permission to recruit Shambling , in order to backrush. Erol OK if this Shambling never rushes Erol. Path of Bones in play. Rudolfo recruits Shambling. Carlton attempts block. Call of the Hungry Dead inf. Passes. xfer 2 on 1 vamp with 3 already. Le Dinh Tho is out. disc Powerbase Cape verde. Nicola (15)
Erol : Vessel on Lodin. asks permission for Govern sup, Arnaud says it's bad idea. Lodin plays Govern sup, Enhanced Senses from Corine, hands for 1/2. uses dreams for xfer. xfer 4. Emily Carlson is out. Erol (17)
Arnaud : some talk about non-bleed vs non-using coven, but Martin says Ruben has Edge. Villein for 2 on Corine. Corine bleeds for 1. xfer 4 on same vamp. disc tel tracking. Arnaud (20)
Martin : xfer :: Stanislava out, +1 pool on uncontrolled other vamp. Martin (16).no disc

Turn 4 (1h46 left)

Ruben : gets Jake back. Parthenon. Dia de los Muertos. March call Legacy of Pander, no block. Passes automatically. Ruben+Erol talk on "1 for you, 1 for me" (Con Boon) tacit deal. Huang call Con boon on Pander. Ruben 5 votes in favor, Stanis 4 against. Passes. Ruben says he doesn't have another Con boon in hand, but plays a lot - next one for Erol. some talk about Ruben being unable with the decks at the table. Ruben asks Erol if he could burn the Path of Bones. Erol has no stealth. Martin says he's first seed, but could other play. xfer - Feo Ramos and Jimmy Dunn are out. Plays Veil of Darkness (named VoD afterwards). Ruben (19)
Nicola : Giant's blood on Rudolfo. Rudolfo bleeds for 1. Erol Deflection (VoD : 2nd Trad). Arnaud doesnt block. disc. dreams. Nicola (15)
Erol : Lodin sup. Govern (VoD : 2nd Trad). Arnaud says cannot block all. passes. uses dreams on xfer. xfer 2 . Mustafa the Heir out. Ruben (15). disc. Giants Blood.
Arnaud : Powerbase Montreal. uses Coven on Corine Marcon. uses Montreal. xfer : Stravinsky is out. Arnaud (17). disc. tel tracking.
Martin : Stanislava Govern bleed (VoD earth control). Christi attempts to block, Earth Control, Conditioning, passes. Ruben (11). xfer 4. disc Giants Blood.

Turn 5 (1h36 left)

: asks if everyone OK with Pentex on Stanis. table seems OK. Plays Pentex. Erol says he wouldn't have the stealth to break it. Erol wants damage on Arnaud (3) in exchange for support on another Con Boon on Ruben (Ruben says he drew a Con Boon, but doesn't have 2). Erol has 5 votes, Ruben has 6 votes, Martin has 4 votes, Edge is Nicola's. Embrace calls Con Boon. On Pander: 7 in favor, 4 against from Martin, Arnaud votes against. Arnaud says if he gets damage, he will break Pentex. Nicola burns Edge. Erol casts 1 vote in favor. passes (15). Ruben asks Arnaud what if he puts also damage on Martin : Arnaud is not OK. he will break Pentex anyway. Ruben pays 1 to see 1 . Ruben (14). disc PArthenon.
Nicola : uses Dreams for cards. asks permission for bleeds for 1 to get Edge. Arnaud reminds of Le Dinh Tho ability...Nicola asks what Martin could do, beside killing Ruben, what he could do to help. Mzrtin says he would go forward. Ruben says if he kills Nicola, Erol probably wins. Nicola proposes to recruit Carlton and have Ruben yield in exchange for not going after the Pentex. Ruben not ok. Disc Anthelios. disc PArthenon. disc. Carlton.
Erol : pays 1 to see 1. uses Coven. disc nothing. Erol (15)
Arnaud : Villein 5 on Stravinsky. Bleeds for 2. Gets Edge. xfer 4 (+montreal?). disc.. Chiroptean.
Martin : Monastery of Shadows. xfer (9 on uncontrolled vamp). Martin (10)

Turn 6 (1h25 left)

Ruben : Info Highway. some talk about additional problems once Martin gets 2nd vamp out...March calls Kine . Erol reminds of the deal. Ruben says he won't do more damage on Arnaud. Ruben also offers to put KRC orphan on Martin. Arnaud seems ok. In the end, terms : 3 on Arnaud, 1 on Nicola. Arnaud and Martin against. Erol makes it pass. Arnaud (15), Nicola (13). Ruben calls another KRC : 3 on Nicola, 1 on Martin. Le Dinh Tho plays Delaying Tactics. Ruben said he would have voted it down, and that Nicola could have waited for Erol to express votes anyway. Feo Ramos calls Conservative. 4 on Nicola, 1 on Martin. Erol is not ok. Vote fails. Jimmy Dunn makes Embrace, no block. Embrace hunts. xfer, Olgoa Triminov out. disc Domain Challenge. Ruben (12)
Nicola : uses Dreams for cards. Asks Erol for permission for another Shambling to rush Ruben. Erol OK. Plays Liquidation. deflection, pentex, Shambling, liquidatio,, AVA, Tye Cooper +something (maybe sudario?). Le Dinh Tho calls Shambling (VoD : ?) - looks like VoD cancelled, another SH is played, Carlton blocks, Call of Hungry Dead, passes. Coven on Le Dinh Tho. xfer Gloria Giovanni is out. disc. Fame. and disc Shambling. Nicola (12).
Erol : uses Vessels. pays 1 to see 1.
Arnaud : Stravinsky bleeds for 2. realizes he forgot pool for Edge. Stanis deflects but VoD : Zillah Valley. Murmur of False Will to Ruben. Carlton blocks, Dodge etc. Corine bleeds for 1. Influences : Velya the Flayer is out. Arnaud (12). Martin (9)
Martin : xfer 2 : Arika is out. MArtin (7).

Turn 7 (1h11 left)

Ruben : burns Parthenon and Info Highway to Arika. Some talk about Martin being 1st seed and getting a VP. Ruben proposes some back-oust+collateral damage on Arnaud to compensate for a free VP on Arnaud. Erol is not fan of back-ousting. Plays Kaymakli Nightmares. Crypts are shuffled. some talk on what would happen after with Arnaud etc. Olga calls KRC. much talk of diff. scenario. 2 on Martin, 2 on Nicola after agreement with Arnaud to let him kill his prey. . passes by 1 with Ruben+Arnaud vs Martin+Erol. Martin disc. Parity. Arnaud burns Edge. Passes by 1. Erol plays Delaying Tactics. March calls Neonate Breach - same targets. Arnaud not OK. fails. some Pander calls a LoP. fails. Asks permission for powerbase to get to 13 pool, Arnaud not OK. Uses Coven on Jimmy Dunn. disc. Kine. Ruben (12)
Nicola : burns Dreams for cards. plays another Dreams. Shambling rushes Carlton. Jake blocks. Jake burns. 2ndd Shambling rushes Carlton, no block. Carlton Dodges. Rudolfo plays Sudario on Delaying, Call of the Hungry Dead and Sudario. Lodin 2nd Tradition. hands for 1, Lodin prevents. Nicola asks permission for another Sudario or sup. Govern, Erol is not OK. Gloria : Far Mastery on Carlton (VoD : shambling). Erol plays Mundane as out of turn to cancel the card. Uses Dreams for cards. disc Parthenon, Shambling, PArthenon. Nicola (11)
Erol : Lodin tries to get Montreal. Arnaud blocks. Weighted Walking Stick. Velya Horrid Form. hit for 2 both. Lodin indomitability. No press. Mustafa goes for powerbase Montreal (VoD : eternal vigilance and entrancement). Arnaud : Corine blocks with Eys of Argus (VoD : preco). Weighted Walking Stick. both hit for 2 . Arnaud plays sup. Chiroptean Marauder. Mustafa : Hidden strength. Presses with HS. Next round: Corine : Chiroptean+Breath. Mustafa : Rolling with the punches. xfer 1. disc. Govern. Erol (15)
Arnaud : Rack on Velya. Velya : Eternal Vigilance. Lodin 2nd Tradition block. Velya : Carrion Crow, cancelled with VoD. . no manoeuver, hit 1 vs 2 (stick). Stravinsky : Raven Spy : cancelled by VoD (villein). Stravinsky bleeds for 2, no block. Martin (5). uses Montreal on last uncontrolled vamp. disc Giants Blood. Arnaud (12)
Martin : Villein on Arika for 11. plays Zillah's Valley. uses Coven on Arika. Retro 2. disc. Form of Mist.

Turn 8 (43mn left)

Ruben : Olga calls KRC : 2 on Nicola, 2 on Martin. same setup : passes by 1. Martin burns Parity Shift, Arnaud Burns Edge. No delaying. Passes. Martin (11), Nicola (9). Arnaud specifies they should die at the same time. Feo Ramos calls KRC - Ruben is OK for simultaneous kill, 3 on Martin, 1 on Nicola. Passes. Martin (8). Nicola (8). talk about Con Boon. Ruben calls Con Boon. Arnaud is OK with the Con Boon. Passes. Ruben (19). ? Ruben calls Rumors of Gehenna - for Ruben and Arnaud. Passes. Ruben calls Kine. 2 and 2 on prey/pred. Passes by 1 again. Martin (6), Nicola (6). xfers and gets Mitchell out.
Nicola : uses Dreams for cards. plays Fortschritt Library for Unmasking. Shambling on Carlton, Trap, Carlton burns, Shambling (3). Rudolfo recruits Shambling (VoD: spectral), no block. Le Dinh Tho recruits Shambling (VoD : unmasking), no block. puts Unmasking in play. . disc unmasking and Charisma. Nicola (6)
Erol : uses Vessel. Erol (16). Lodin sup. Govern (VoD : Scourge). Corin : Spirit's touch, cancelled by VoD (Villein). Lodin (2). xfers 4. puts Scourge of the Enochians in play and burns Mitchelle. Erol (12)
Arnaud : gets 2 from Rack on Velya. Villein 4 on Velya. Velya (3). Arnaud (16). uses Coven on Corinne. Stravinsky bleeds for 2. no block. Martin (4). Corin bleeds for 1, Velya bleeds for 1. Martin (2). Arnaud thoughts he was influencing Caliban - but wrong (due to Kaymakli Nightmare). xferred 4. Arnaud (12).
Martin : Arika burns Pentex. Christine attempts to block, taps Monastery, Pentex burns. xfers 2 back. Martin (4).

Turn 9 (28mn left)

Ruben : new deal of killing Arnaud and Nicola. Olga recruits Alya, God's messenger. Jimmy Dunn calls KRC. Shambling blocks, Jimmy empty. Embrace calls KRC. SH : OtQV : Embrace in torpor. March calls Con Boon. Terms is Pander. Arnaud in favor, Erol against. fails by 0. Feo Ramos : calls KRC. SH blocks, Feo Ramos in torpor. (Nicola has 4 SH, 1 untapped now). Embrace calls Domain Challenge, SH blocks, Embrace in torpor. Christine calls Neonate Breach : targets Nicola and Arnaud. Martin against, (missed someting) - ref. fails. disc Fortschritt. Ruben (17).
Nicola : burns Dreams for cards. plays Liquidation. Nicola (9). Rudolfo hunts, no block. Le Din Tho hunts at 0 stealth, Emily blocks, Le Dinh Tho in torpor. Uses Scourge to burn Christine. Puts FBI into play. Nicola (9). disc AVA, path of bone, parthenon
Erol : uses vessel. Erol (13). Lodin govern sup (VoD : on Rolling with the punches). Mustafa bleeds with Entrancement (VoD 2nd Tradition). Stravinsky Eyes of Argus (VoD : Chiroptean). Stravinsky sup. Eagle sight. long with Chiroptean, wave. xfer : Gottsdam is out. Joao is out. disc deflection. Erol (9)
Arnaud : Villein 3 on Velya. Velya (2). Stravisnky bleeds for 2. Stanis blocks. Inner Essence (VoD : OtQV), hands for 1. Corine bleeds for 1. Martin (3). uses Montreal. Meshenka is out. Arnaud (14).
Martin : Arika bleeds Govern (VoD instantanous Transformation). Ruben tries to negotiate ancient influence to keep Martin alive. Ruben attemps to block with a vamp, Martin uses Monastery, Alia attempts to block, block : 1/1 dmg. Stanislava bleeds , blocked by some vamp; sup. Form of Mist (VoD on Reins of Power). Ruben (14)). Stanis untaps with Instantaneous transf. disc. Rapid Change.

Turn 10 (9mn left)

Ruben plays Fear of Mekhet on Stanislava (Martin is now full tapped). Jimmy hunts, no block. Alia rescues Embrace. no block. Embrace hunts, no block. disc. Kaamakli. Ruben (11)
Nicola - makes an action (missed something), Erol blocks, sup Call of the Hungry dead, another 2nd trad, Lodin hits for 2, prevents with press, hits for 1, Rudolfo in torpor. (that was lodin fighting). Gloria gets another Shambling out. Shambling recruits Ossian, no blocks. Nicola (5) disc AVA . Nicola (5)
Erol : nothing
Arnaud (5mn left). villein on Meshenka for 4. Corin bleeds for 1. no block. Stravinsky bleeds for 2, no block. Martin is ousted. disc. eternal vigilance. Arnaud (23).

Turn 11 (4mn left)

Ruben Alia rescues embrace, embrace hunts, no blocks. Coven on Jimmy. disc. LoP.
Nicola : (missed some AVA at some point..) . Shambling on someone, blocked by Mustafa, Rolling with punches (VoD on 2nd Trad), Mustafa hits with stick. 2nd SH on lodin, prevent indomitability, 3rd SH on lodin, joao blocks, 4th SH on Lodin, Gottsdam blocks and SCE. 5th SH is blocked by Emily, emily ends empty. Ossian on Lodin, Mustafa 2nd Trad, Mustafa in torpor. bleeds for 3 deflected on
Erol(VoD on 2nd trad) - I guess time out at this stage, more or less

Arnaud wins the game with 1.5VP and is the new European Champion !

Deck Name: The Fear Factor
Created By: Stone
Description: Played by Arnaud Baigts, winner of EC day 2, oct. 5th, Mannheim (40 players)
2GW 5.5VP in prelim, 1.5VP in finals

Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 28, Max: 39, Avg: 8,41)
3 Lambach ANI AUS DOM pre VIC10 Tzimisce
1 Anton ANI AUS cel obf vic8 Tzimisce
2 Meshenka ANI AUS VIC 8 Tzimisce
1 Corine Marcón ani AUS VIC 6 Tzimisce
1 Stravinsky ANI AUS pot VIC9 Tzimisce
1 John Paleologus pot ANI AUS CEL VIC9 Tzimisce
1 Caliban ANI AUS VIC 6 Tzimisce
1 Velya for ANI AUS PRE VIC9 Tzimisce
1 Sascha Vykos ani AUS dom THA VIC8 Tzimisce

Library: (90 cards)
Master (21 cards)
1 Library Hunting Ground
2 Direct Intervention
1 Erciyes Fragments, The
1 Giant`s Blood
1 Information Highway
1 Life Boon
1 Papillon
2 Powerbase: Montreal
1 Rack, The
1 Smiling Jack, The Anarch
7 Villein
1 Haven Uncovered
1 Sudden Reversal

Action (3 cards)
1 Deep Song
2 Eternal Vigilance

Reaction (30 cards)
2 Forced Awakening
2 On the Qui Vive
1 Read the Winds
4 Cats` Guidance
1 Sense the Savage Way
4 Eagle`s Sight
5 Enhanced Senses
6 Eyes of Argus
1 My Enemy`s Enemy
1 Precognition
2 Spirit`s Touch
1 Telepathic Misdirection

Combat (32 cards)
5 Carrion Crows
4 Telepathic Tracking
4 Breath of the Dragon
8 Chiropteran Marauder
6 Horrid Form
5 Inner Essence

Retainer (1 cards)
1 Raven Spy

Equipment (1 cards)
1 Bowl of Convergence

Event (2 cards)
1 Dragonbound
1 Scourge of the Enochians

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06 Oct 2014 10:19 #66058 by Timo
Congratulation to Arnaud !!

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06 Oct 2014 21:22 #66099 by mongrel222
2014, the year of Lambach!
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06 Oct 2014 23:01 #66101 by Pascek
90 cards! Congrats!!

:bruj: :DOM::FOR::POT::PRE::PRO:
Roberto Mautone Jr.

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07 Oct 2014 04:48 #66113 by PetriWessman

90 cards! Congrats!!

90 cards is the correct size for a combat deck based on non-permanents. :)

And yes, congrats!

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07 Oct 2014 07:06 #66132 by Volpenera
fortunately ruben don't win this final, gg to arnaud.

Giulio De Cicco

Prince of Trento - Italy

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