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10 Jan 2015 07:09 #68563 by Ankha

So it's wasn't Lutz but Maris Streck. The other vampire he controlled was Adana de Sforza with no blood. He was willing to pay 15 because he had some Parity Shift in hand, and because if Maris was gone, his game would be over.

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02 Feb 2015 20:42 #69027 by cordovader

- EC 2014 Day 2 I played ToGP on my predator’s Anson he had just brought out. He kept the guy but it cost him 17 or so pool. With a stealth-bleed predator he was hard-pressed to do anything meaningful in the game (but managed to survive for quite some time). The table finally times out with me, his original prey, and his original predator left on the table.

There might be some minor inaccuracies in the descriptions, but the bottom line is: I think this card unbalances the table in such a way that if it doesn’t lead to the player playing it winning the game, at least it causes the player it’s played on to lose the game. It’s ridiculously hard to play around – basically suddens or destroying all justicars the round they come out. It has such an enormous impact on the table balance I feel no one card should have.

I was the guy you played ToGP on and I payed 22 pool (credit included). It's normal, Anson had a gun. ;)

Anyway, I also managed to take Constanza out (and pay all the credit). It was enough with 2 Villein and 1 Parity Shift. Sure not any deck can do that, but usually decks that are more sensible to ToGP play Villein.

Surely that game was unbalanced after ToGP (as every game is after playing ToGP, but also after taking 2 bleeds for 6, a couple of shifts etc.), but even with a S/B behind I only got killed because (if I don't recall bad) I got pentexed by my predator and back-banished by you.

I remind you that in that game you were at a couple of minutes and some mistakes from Romain (the guy playing Unnamed B/S) from being ousted and giving him the GW.

I won't say I did better (you got better score overall), I just tried to do my best to survive selling my ass. :)

PD: Everyone hates when being played ToGP, but as every permanent/temporary way of stealing vampires. You first need to be justicar, then someone needs to pay the pool. The problem of it it's that it often destroys more someone's game than gives the game to the one who played it.

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10 Mar 2015 12:21 - 10 Mar 2015 12:25 #69795 by Ankha
Today's game on Lackey. I've ousted my prey and I have Hartmut, Xaviar ADV and Stanislava. My new prey has Malgorzata, Mistress Fanchion and Rafael de Corazon.
I'm at 21 pool, my prey at 17.

I play TOGP on Mistress Fanchion and buy her for 13 pool (for some reason my prey didn't want to bid more, and the other players were at 4 and 11 pool).
Then I play a Parity Shift that passes with the 4 votes of Fanchion. Then I banish Malgorzata. I kill my prey on the next turn.

Without TOGP, I didn't have the vote lock and it would have been quite difficult to oust my prey that packs some Deflection and whose own prey is at 4 pool.

See picture for details (I'm resolving the Parity Shift at that time).

Attachment togp.jpg not found

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10 Mar 2015 21:10 #69798 by Borrelstein
I remember a game et the EC 2014 playing between 2 vote decks, my prey a stealth bleeder/voter and my predator Ventrue.
The Ventrue had quickly taken a chunk out of my pool so i could only have 2 midcaps, but with a tooled up Neighbor John i could pretty much control the ventrue and stay alive... until the TOGP came.
Eventually my prey, who had had little pressure, ended up buying Neighbor John (now with free sniper rifle!) and of course i was ousted quickly after that. Eventually my prey easily took the table, as they could still not penetrate neigbor John.

Not just because I had lost this game because of the card, but I agree that ToGP is quite imbalanced and I would not mind if it was banned. It is just not much fun.

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10 Mar 2015 23:07 #69799 by Pullen
I agree it's powerful, but as I'm against any sort of ban, I would rather see it's cost increased, I think 6 or so pool would make it more of a risk play for one playing it.


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11 Mar 2015 04:42 #69800 by elotar
Just my 2 cents: got no oppinion about brockednes of the card but totally for the ban - game is overbloated and we only make it better by trimming card pool.

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