lightbulb EC Day2 Final - Verbatim

06 Sep 2015 08:39 #72954 by Stone
Replied by Stone on topic Re: EC Day2 Final - Verbatim

I did not block her in Turn 6 as I simply didn't find any revenue in doing that - wanted to keep intercept for more important actions :). To be honest at that moment i wanted my prey to put some pressure on you in order to make you backrush him. You did however take your chance and decided to go forward. No risk no fun :)

the thought had crossed my mind, but the table was going too slow - more or less back-killing Danilo via backrush would have given you the table in the end, since you had better seeding. Plus I felt it was kinda useless since Giulio would have back-ousted me anyway at the first opportunity.

Floppy : thanks for very nice transcript, by the way.

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