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03 Apr 2016 20:23 - 16 May 2016 21:00 #76226 by Cerion
1st Hiekkaharju Nightmare
Vantaa, Finland
April 3rd, 2016
12 players, Standard constructed
Winner: Niina Lindroos

No event calendar number because site is down.

Final table: Henri (Animalism bleed/bock toolbox?) > Lauri (Nergal Powerbleed) > Timo (Arika votes + bleed) > Mikko H. (Arika Mindrape + bleed + vote) > Niina (New Setite Voter)

Niina 3vp
Lauri 2vp

Nice games overall.. The Finals went so that Timo and Mikko contested Arika, and I managed to oust TImo, after that Mikko's Arika played Mind Rape on my Nergal, but I stil managed to oust him, and after that Henri rushed and torporized my nergal with aggro poke, and then diaplerized, after that we played a long waiting game, where Niina tried to oust Henri and he tried to oust me... finaly about 10 minutes left in game Niina got the upperhand and managed to oust both of us just five mintues to the time. Congrats to Niina on her first tournament win.

Final Rank Name Prelim GWs Prelim VPs Final VPs TPs
1 Niina Lindroos 1 5 3 126
2 Mikko Hyvärinen 1 2,5 0 114
2 Lauri Salmi 1 3 2 106
2 Timo Rekola 1 3,5 0 114
2 Henri Kangas 1 5,5 0 138
6 Jaakko Nurro 1 2,5 106
7 Otso Saariluoma 0 3,5 138
8 Juha Laukkanen 0 2 94
9 Noora Hirvonen 0 1 112
10 Petri Wessman 0 1 90
11 Mikko Moisander 0 1 82
12 Tom Lindberg 0 1 76

Deck Name: Velvet vote
Author: Niina Lindroos
1st Hiekkaharju Nightmare
Vantaa, Finland
3rd of April 2016
3R + F
12 players

A deck that I made in 2015 inspired by the new set. Played it first time at Finnish ECQ 2015 (Ropecon) and made a few tweaks based on that tournament for this second go.

(There are 2 Zillah's Valley because I have not enough Eternals of Sirius.)

Crypt (12 cards; Capacity min=7 max=10 avg=8.75)
1x Kemintiri ADV 10 aus dom OBF PRE SER THA Follower of Set:2
3x Kemintiri 10 aus dom OBF PRE SER THA Follower of Set:2
4x Khay'tall, Snake of Eden 9 aus DOM OBF PRE SER Follower of Set:2
1x Sarrasine ADV 8 aus nec OBF PRE SER Follower of Set:2
3x Sarrasine 7 aus nec ser OBF PRE Follower of Set:2

Library (77 cards)
Master (19)
1x Dreams of the Sphinx
6x Eternals of Sirius, The
1x Ferraille
1x Metro Underground
1x Monastery of Shadows
1x Opium Den
6x Villein
2x Zillah's Valley

Action (8)
2x Entrancement
6x Epiphany

Political Action (12)
1x Anarchist Uprising
2x Banishment
3x Kine Resources Contested
3x Parity Shift
2x Reckless Agitation
1x Reins of Power

Equipment (2)
2x Heart of Nizchetus

Ally (2)
1x Mylan Horseed (Goblin)
1x Saatet-ta (Bane Mummy)

Action Modifier (14)
2x Faceless Night
2x Forgotten Labyrinth
2x Lost in Crowds
3x Perfect Paragon
1x Revelation of Desire
4x Voter Captivation

Reaction (7)
3x Deflection
1x On the Qui Vive
3x Wake with Evening's Freshness

Combat (4)
4x Majesty

Combo (9)
2x Swallowed by the Night
7x Velvet Tongue

Created with Secret Library v0.9.4d. (Apr 3, 2016 23:22:48)

Baron of Vantaa
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03 Apr 2016 20:25 #76227 by Cerion
So now then question.. What should I do with the Archon?

Baron of Vantaa

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04 Apr 2016 20:26 #76237 by dessu
My personal tournament (or more like finals) report:

I had played my Velvet vote previously on Finnish ECQ 2015 (Ropecon), I tweaked it on the night before this tournament based on what I remembered from the Ropecon experience, and what I expected people would be playing in this tournament.

I sure did miss my deflections on first round when Lauri's Nergal was behind me, I was killed pretty fast, Otso (my prey) and his Nangila deck didn't really have to help Lauri much on that. Otso did oust Petri on this game but Lauri took the rest of the table.

Second round I had Noora as my prey, Tom as my grandprey and Jaakko as my predator. Game was pretty perfect for me, starting crypt was good, card flow was nice, and I swept the table. I have a bit hazy memories about this game as I accidentally got caffeine overdose with too much coffee and was somewhat shaky - sorry guys! I remember having fun on the table, and not only because of the sweep.

On third round I started strongly with Eternals of Sirius - and failed miserably by forgetting to use my one transfer before discarding. Because of this it took me three turns instead of two to get Kemintiri up, and of course it had other consequence on the long run. I had Mikko H. as my prey and Timo as my grandprey and they were contesting their Arikas. I also had Mikko M. as my very-aggressively bleeding predator, and unfortunately I saw no other choice than oust Mikko H. fast before Mikko M. ousts me - didn't get to enjoy the Arika contest as long as I would have liked to, so I did get one VP but Timo got the rest.

On the finals I wanted to be sure that the two Arika decks will contest, so I didn't want to sit between them. I had had Lauri as my predator on first round, and I knew I couldn't handle him as a predator, so there was really only one spot for me to pick. And then Henri chose to sit between me and Lauri.

I had a slow-ish start, but thanks to the Arika contesting I also didn't have pressure. Lauri ousted Timo and Mikko, which meant that Henri couldn't afford to let Lauri oust me also. I don't envy Henris position trying to balance with not letting Lauri oust me, trying to oust Lauri and not let me oust him while doing that.

Henri chose to rush, torporize and diablerize Nergal, which basically saved me, and I chose to burn his vampire as thanks. (There were no deals made on this.) I had Kemintiri (merged) and Khay'tall up.

Later Henri rushed, torporize and diablerize Kemintiri who had Heart of Nizchetus - I used votes from Ferraille to burn his vampire (which had one vote). On Henris next turn he played Pentex on Khaytall, which Lauri tried to remove.

On my next turn base version of Sarrasine joined the game (he was not in my starting crypt, I had to pay to find him, and he was waiting with three counters before this turn). I got Dreams of the Sphinx and used it to help recycle my hand for three turns, trying to hunt stealth to success with my actions, as Henri's deck had the intercept and I really couldn't afford to get caught and being torporized. I discarded card after another. Sarrasine tried Epiphany, but Henri blocked it (I forgot that unmerged base version couldn't use Monastery of Shadows, and also Perfect Paragon was not useful as the blocker was same size), I used majesty. Sarrasine also removed the Pentex, don't remember if it was the turn before or turn after the failed epiphany.

On the point when I would have had to go to try my luck anyhow so that the game wouldn't just time out, I finally also got what I thought was (and proved to be) enough. Sarrasine was able to play Reckless Agitation as he was still just the base version (on that point Khaytall had only one blood), RA ousted Henri who was in five pool and after that Kine finished Lauri. Only five minutes left, not a moment too early.

I think that I may have used every single stealth card on my deck on final, including one perfect paragon for -intercept and Monastery of Shadows plenty of times, Opium Den I got on the table only on the end of game. Henri sure wasn't the easiest prey for me - I would love to see his decklist to see how much aggravated damage there really was, so that I could see how necessary my fear was.
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04 Apr 2016 20:46 #76238 by Lönkka

So now then question.. What should I do with the Archon?

Store it safely.
Better yet, email a copy to me just in case.

We'll upload it when the uploads function in these pages goes live again.

PS Well done weedhopper!
Nice turnaround and it is great to see that as problems crop up for the old crew to organize tournaments, there are willing new people to pick up the torch and carry it!

Finnish :POT: Politics!

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04 Apr 2016 20:48 #76239 by Lönkka
Congrats to Niina; you go girl!

If you can't find the Eternals elsewhere, I'm 99% certain to have some extras. Just finding time to locate them in the current situation is... challenging.

Finnish :POT: Politics!
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05 Apr 2016 05:25 #76246 by dessu
Thanks Lönkka! There is a quite high possibility that there are some Eternals lurking on the unopened boosters that we have. We just have thought idea to have a small unofficial draft to open the boosters, where all the cards end up staying with us, but finding time to do this.. well, it's a bit tricky.

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