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05 Jun 2017 14:13 #82116 by Kraus

There were a lot of Gangrels around. But they were not united. I could not have made the gamewin at my first table if they had been. Xaviar warned them again and again in detail what would happen if Montano were to pursue his mission. Maybe if Mimir had not been late (he showed up after the Purge), maybe if the young Gangrel (antitribu vote deck) had not forgotten their “Old Friends”. But when the shadows had done their whisperings, Xaviar betrayed Danielle Diron (diablerie, and he agreed on the Blood Hunt on himself), Harry Reese’s mind was empty and Mimir without clue how to track down his enemies one by one (missing rush cards and choosing the wrong targets). And in the end (in the finals) Brunhilde changed sides openly …

I didn't know Danielle got in contact with Xaviar!

That must've been around the time of my second game, when Brunhildehad to establish a base of operations for them, and Danielle ran on errands. Ultimately Xaviar wouldn't go with her plan then. It must've been really close that Montano's presence would've been discovered by Danielle. It would've been probably really different if our Gangrel anarchists would've known in detail of the danger.

Damn that Xaviar. Danielle really was short on (powerful) friends in Berlin.

Thanks for these bits of information! The gangrel are solitary and wont of group work if not within their own pack, I suppose. These gals at least tried.

Cool. :) I'd love to hear from the other finalists (and whoever might want to offer their few cents) as well if there's anything to tell.

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