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22 Jul 2017 19:20 - 28 Sep 2017 08:49 #82729 by CelestialChoir
Name: Justin Lacey
Deck: Big Gangrel
VPs in Final: 3 (1st Seed)

Description: My Gangrel IC deck has been a staple for a long time. My recent update was influenced by Martin Weinmayer's NAC deck. Your kill combo is Parity Shift + Govern the Unaligned + Conditioning. Several fun tricks in the deck. First game in the tournament, my predator was a power bleed deck. He Pentex Subversioned my first vampire and then hit me for multiple bleeds for 5. He got me down to 2 pool before I came back to take all the VPs and the Game Win. This deck survives way better than I expected with considerable pool gain. In the Finals, I got to choose my predator and prey which gave me an overwhelming advantage. The deck is a little too dependent on strike: combat ends and I will probably add a Secure Haven.

Crypt (12 Cards, Capacity Min=8, Max=11, Avg=10)
4 Stanislava 11 ANI DOM CEL PRO FOR IC Gangrel:2
2 Ingrid Rossler 9 ANI FOR PRO dom Prince Gangrel:2
2 Xaviar (ADV) 10 ABO ANI FOR PRO aus cel pot Justicar Gangrel:3
1 Hartmut Stover 10 CEL OBF PRO dom for Archbishop Gangrel antitribu:3
1 Genevieve 10 ANI FOR PRO aus dom Priscus Gangrel antitribu:2
1 Mark Decker 8 CEL PRO ani for obf pot Prince Gangrel:3
1 Rachel Brandywine 10 AUS DEM OBF PRO ani aus Prince Malkavian:3

Library (90 Cards)
Master (24)
6 Villein
4 Dreams of the Sphinx
2 Jake Washington - The Combo is with Vessel, but generic blood gain is good.
2 Vessel
1 Backways
1 Ennoia's Theater
1 Giant's Blood
1 Information Highway
1 Metro Underground - Fun with Enkil Cog but good after bleeding to setup bleed bounce.
1 Monastery of Shadows
1 Papillon
1 Pentex Subversion - Not great, because you never want to block the (D) action.
1 Perfectionist - Free Govern the Unaligned.
1 Zoo Hunting Ground - Two hunting grounds in play is very nice.

Actions (9)
9 Govern the Unaligned

Action Modifers (16)
6 Earth Control
4 Instantaneous Transformation
3 Conditioning
2 Forced March
1 Enkil Cog

Ally (1)
1 Carlton Van Wyk (Hunter) - One of your best defense cards against Combat rush.

Combat (14)
8 Form of Mist - My ratio of combat cards is something I stole from Martin W.
4 Earth Meld
2 Rapid Change

Equipment (2)
1 Heart of Nizchetus - Good, but not necessary.
1 Seal of Veddartha - Better than the Heart.

Event (1)
1 Scourge of the Enochians - played but never mattered.

Politcal Actions (11)
6 Parity shift
2 Banishment - This gets rid of problems and can cause more pool loss than parity shift.
1 Anarchist Uprising
1 Ancilla Empowerment
1 Reins of Power

Reactions (12)
6 Deflection
4 Guard Dogs - Fun with Enkil Cog, can get you to long range, and works with bounce.
2 Murmur of the False Will

Prince of Asheville
:fose: :PRE: :SER: :AUS: :cel: :life7:
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02 Sep 2017 11:01 #83346 by drnlmza
How many players took part?

National Coordinator
South Africa

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06 Sep 2017 15:08 #83427 by Dada
On a mobile testing how it works...

Sweet tech you have in your Stanidomi!

This got me thinking about Enkil cog, I haven't seen the said card in action(heh) too many times and can't seem to find good errata about it.

What actually untaps it(EC)?

Because when I see Stanislava and Enkil cog in the same deck, I'm immediately thinking about Homonculus and the brokenness of the combo if i understand it correctly.

Baron of Riihimäki

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06 Sep 2017 20:33 #83431 by Lönkka
EC untaps normally (= during you, erm, untap phase).

Equipping Stani with EC immediately puts her to Archon range.
That is if you bleed at your own turn (then again, if bounced the other players in the table will probably perceive you as a tablethreat and Archon Stani if possible...)

Finnish :POT: Politics!

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