file TWD - Powerbase: Berkeley - Illegalism - 6 January 2019

08 Jan 2019 06:40 #92696 by mjvtes521
Powerbase: Berkeley - Illegalism
Eudemonia game store, Berkeley, California USA
10 players
2r + Final
Winner: David Anderson 1 GW and 5 VP (1.5 VP in the Final)

Final Table: Alex Orzulak (Goratrix and Kazimir Savostin Black Hand toolbox) -> Brandon Haas (Tupdogs Bruise bleed) -> Ian Lee (!Malk stealth bleed with EMPs) -> Mark Jasper (G5-6 Samedi rush combat) -> David Anderson (Brunhilde and Valkyrie Anarch Vote)

Deck Name: Valkyries with Veles Hunt
Author: David Anderson

Description: Valkyries vote spam, with some bleed. Light stealth. I think I got really lucky to win with this. It's mostly a pile of cards I threw together the night before. It really could use a LOT more tuning. The votes that are in there are a smattering of stuff I wanted to try out. It could use a bit more combat defense (maybe S:CE and agg hands), and a couple fewer Master cards. Firebrand is great! Ennoia's Theater is fantastic since Dreams always gets contested.

Crypt (13)
1x Antonino 6 ani pre pro FOR Gangrel:3
8x Valkyrie 4 pro for pre Gangrel:3
4x Brunhilde (ADV) 8 pre ANI FOR PRO Gangrel:3

Library (80)

Master (18)
1x Ennoia's Theater
3x Anarch Revolt
6x Presence
1x Backways
4x Vessel
2x Dreams of the Sphinx
1x Ecoterrorists

Action (20)
6x Enchant Kindred
1x Fee Stake: Corte
1x Fee Stake: Perth
2x Fee Stake: Seattle
2x Undue Influence
8x Charming Lobby

Action Modifier (19)
8x Freak Drive
4x Voter Captivation
3x Bribes
4x Earth Control

Action Modifier/Combat (4)
4x Rapid Change

Political Action (19)
4x Firebrand
4x Kine Resources Contested
1x Sweeper
4x Veles' Hunt
1x Year of Fortune
2x Conservative Agitation
1x Domain Challenge
2x Eat the Rich
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